writing research proposal

<p>hey guys, I just asked my professor for any space for research this semester and he told me to write a "Detailed Proposal" in order to have the process going.</p>

<p>I chose the proect as "An analysis of Electric and Hybrid Automobile".</p>

<p>Now, like I said, this is my first research experience and the major reason why I wanted to do this is to just get "first valuable experience".</p>

<p>Meaning, I really did not have anything specific in mind and what I exactly wanted to do.</p>

<p>How do I go about writing the proposal? any advices?</p>


<p>A proposal for what? A grant? A position? </p>

<p>Are you a grad student? I can’t imagine a prof asking an undergrad to write 1.</p>

<p>Is this for research you will be doing with this professor? Your “topic” is awfully broad for a research proposal if this is actual academic research.</p>

<p>@pyroknife </p>

<p>Yes I am an undergraduate student a ME major junior and yes I found it quite strange too after looking through the forum about these types of topics</p>

<p>oh sorry for not being specifric, this is more for like “approval form” (like approval for allowing me to do this project under the professor) </p>

<p>they said I need to write proposal of around 2 pages I think? including abstract and stuff </p>

<p>of what I want to do… (I guess I need to search in the web a little to find something interesting).</p>

<p>@ boneh3ad</p>

<p>So this topic is quite broad for my first research experience? The professor provided me </p>

<p>information with list of project the students have done and told me to choose the one that </p>

<p>interests me and this happened to be the one.</p>

<p>Again, you aren’t telling us much. Are you performing research as part of his research group or is it for some sort of course credit? Also, I don’t know what is causing it, but your sentences are getting split up between paragraphs and it is really hard to read.</p>

<p>"(like approval for allowing me to do this project under the professor) "
Not sure what you mean. You need to write an approval for yourself to do this project? To whom are you writing to?</p>

<p>ok the form is “Approval for M.E. 490,491” MECH ENGR PROJECT A 3 credit. So yes I guess this is related getting credit? I’m sorry but I really don’t know how to explain this. I just wanted to get some research experience to be beneficial in getting admitted to good grad school, so I sent an email to the professor if he could help me. He responded me back, telling me to meet him at his office and I did so, discussing about research experiences. Then He gave me this form “Approval for M.E. 490,491” and told me to write a 2~3 pages of detailed proposal in paragraphs which includes what exactly am I interested in regarding this topic and what I want to do.</p>

<p>Sounds similar to a statement of purpose. Describe your background (relevant courses and experience). Describe why you want to pursue this topic. What interests you about it? How will you benefit from this experience? How will your supervisor benefit (what can you offer)?</p>

<p>But is the research you are supposed to be doing/proposing a part of this professors greater research program? In other words, is it supposed to be researching new phenomena as part of his funded research programs or is it funded by this ME 490 class you speak of and amounts to nothing more than doing a glorified report on a topic?</p>

<p>If you don’t know these answers and therefore what is expected if you, then you need to find out.</p>

<p>well I found the description of this (for some reason, it’s in the list of the elective courses)</p>

<p>Prerequisites: departmental approval required. One or more individually selected projects. Projects usually require library research, design, cost analysis, planning of testing. Also involves an engineering report and a technical presentation.</p>