writing score calculated wrong?

<p>I took the SATs in may 2010 an I got a 700 on my the writing section. On the detailed analysis i got only 3 MC questions wrong and a 9 on my essay. In my SAT prep books (barron' s, sprarknotes, princeton review, etc) this adds up to a score somewhere between 740-780.</p>

<p>Is it possible that college board calculated my writing score wrong?</p>

<p>Should I have college board rescore my test??</p>

<p>Every administration of the SAT has different calculation tables. Even each of the one of the tests on Princeton Review has a different calculation table.</p>

<p>It's true that every administration of the SAT has different calculation tables. When I checked all my SAT prep books to see what score I would get with a 9 on the essay and a 45 raw score the lowest score I calculated out of all the books was 740. 700 may not be much lower but it is low enough for me to get frustrated. Does the college board have a harsher calculation table than the other administrations of the SAT or is it possible that they made a mistake with my score?</p>

<p>No mistake. My friend got -2 MC with a 9 essay and got a 730.</p>

<p>I got -2 MC with an 8 essay for a 710.
The curve sucked for everyone lol</p>

<p>yeah it was a tough curve. -2 mc 11e was 770</p>

<p>thanks guys!!
crap... i was really hoping they made a mistake :P</p>

<p>Looking at some recent SATs, a writing raw score of 45 with a 9 on the essay has ranged from 690 to 720, so a 700 is not that unusual. Remember that <em>any</em> prep book tests are approximations to the real thing.</p>