<p>Ok question/advise on what I should do:</p>

<p>I'm currently working on getting my writing MC portion to like 0 errors. On the April one I got -8. </p>

<p>Since I'm improving writing now, I've forgotten what I did for prep for April, but I remember a lot of going with my instinct. I don't think it'll work for -0 errors. </p>

<p>I noticed, while doing the Barrons, that I do MC part fast (not like SUPER fast, just as if I glance, I know the answer; I debate some), and then I double check them, and change a lot, but I get the right answer in the end.</p>

<p>I'm not timing myself yet, but any tips on what I can do?</p>

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<p>You will have to review all the rules for grammer and basically just practice over and over and over again. I suggest getting a hold of Rocket Review, that really helped me in terms of the grammar rules.</p>