Writing ?

<p>when do you use the word "fishes"</p>

<p>You use fishes in 2 situations.</p>

<p>1) as a verb. If someone is fishing. You can say.
Bob fishes for a living.</p>

<p>2) when you refer to a group of fish that are not similar.If the fish are of similar species than you would say fish.</p>

<p>There sure are a lot of fishes in the pool. All those salamanders and cod.</p>

<p>But for the SAT always assume that they are referring to a group of similar fish. </p>

<p>So for the SAT fish is both plural and singular , just look at the words surrounding the noun and you will figure out if they mean it in a plural or singular sense.</p>

<p>oh ok, got it</p>