Written or Typed?

I have two options as of now: to turn in my written application (in blue ink, with one or two white-out marks), or to turn in a typed, printed-out version. Which should I do?

Which would a College prefer: the hand-written, personalized application with a few (very) small mistakes, or a nice, clean, perfect typed application that looks very commercial and somewhat boring?

Thanks for your help! :stuck_out_tongue:

PS- this is for Georgetown.

<p>Colleges actually prefer on-line applications, but do not penalize you for sending by mail. The typed app will be better if sent by mail. Forget about the "personalized" stuff when it comes to neatness, clarity and lack of mistakes on the app. The first person who is going to see that app if mailed is a clerk who has to input all info into a computer. The next person who will see it is the reviewer who will be making at least an inital recommendation on your admission and that reviewer may not even see it but instead look at the info that is in the computer. That reviewer, who lives in the age of electronic applications, is not going to be thinking, "Wow, I'm real glad I got a nice personalized, handwritten application." More likely he will be thinking, "Thank God the 700 applications I have to review in the next two weeks aren't all handwritten."</p>

<p>Typed is better, unless they ask you for handwritten one.</p>