Wrong Cal Grant on Myfinaid

<p>Myfinaid is displaying the wrong Cal Grant for me. Ever since May, I was notified by the California Aid Commission that I will be awarded Cal Grant B. However, Myfinaid still says that I will be receiving Cal Grant A. I want Cal Grant B :(</p>

<p>contact the financial aid office. if you still have an unmet financial need, they can increase or give you university grants</p>

<p>I did contact them several times. Everytime, they told me to wait several weeks and it will automatically update on Myfinaid to the correct Cal Grant. Well, it's been several months already and nothing changed :( What is the deal here?</p>

<p>When I asked about this a couple years back, their answer is that they'll give you the CalGrant that <em>they</em> think will benefit you the most. Which one you get is not your choice.</p>

<p>They will obviously give you A if this is the case. However, they said that we can choose which Cal Grant we want to receive if we qualify for both when I called in April.</p>