Wrong envelope size

<p>I gave one of my teachers a small envelope instead of the required 9X12 envelope, and she has already mailed her recommendation. Will they throw it out? o.o</p>


<p>It's fine.</p>


<p>What college would disqualify a student just because of his or her envelope size?</p>

<p>Um well Stanford is crazy strict about not having anything folded, taped, stapled, clipped, and whatever else you can do to it. I'd just have her send it again.</p>

<p>julyinoh: Are you speaking from personal experience? When I spoke with my teacher today she gave the impression that she would not be willing to send her recommendation again (I don't know why. She seemed unusually grumpy.)</p>

<p>Well Stanford is the strictest out of all the colleges I've seen/heard of. I suppose they won't toss it - I just don't know what problems a folded rec might cause. Maybe none at all...</p>

<p>It shouldn't be a huge deal I don't think...</p>

<p>Actually, standard printing paper in Taiwan is slightly bigger than the lettersize ones you use in US. I gave my teachers A4 sized envelopes, not 9x12 ones, but I made sure to tell them not to fold the recs and they fit perfectly in A4 sized envelopes. Will that matter? Because I just couldn't seem to find 9x12 envelopes...:(</p>

<p>Today I spent my entire lunchtime to go after my recommendation writers, and swap envelopes. I didn't want to ask them to fill out the forms again so the papers are a bit (?) folded, but people make so much fun of my worries that I gave up and sent them that way..</p>

Are you sure we can't use paper clip? if so, then...</p>

<p>quickflood: I'm sure paper clip isn't that big of a deal, since they can just take it off, no damage done. Stapling is probably the worst.</p>

<p>forget about it. its not a big deal at all. they wouldn't care</p>

<p>julyinoh: On what do you base your conclusions about Stanford being especially strict? Hearsay?</p>

<p>I think my recs may have been folded when I applied; I'm not quite sure. I got in and didn't hear a word about it from the admissions office.</p>

<p>Wow, I feel like a complete, utter idiot. In my rush to give a teacher of mine ample amount of time to write my recommendation, I made a couple of mistakes. </p>

<p>Here are my mistakes:
1. I gave my teacher a recommendation without an applyyourself id
2. She sent it in a regular sized envelop
3. She submitted it before I submitted Form I.
4. I don't know if she sent in Form 4 or 5 because i printed out the teacher recommendations at seperate times. Therefore, I might have two Form 4's or two Form 5 teacher recommendations. </p>

<p>I know I made a lot of mistakes doing this, and I just want to know what I should do to make sure that my application doesn't get screwed over and gets through SCEA safely.</p>

<p>Do I call now or wait to see if they notify me with problems? Have the teacher send it in again properly? What are the experiences of those who have had missing materials and sent it in mid-November, do things generally go well?</p>

<p>Thanks for any help.</p>

<p>I'm sure that even if they are especially strict (which honestly I can't imagine, they are probably just super strict in info sessions because it is easier for them if you follow instructions), it just doesn't make sense to be strict when it comes to teacher recs. You can't reject a student because a teacher didn't listen and sent it in the wrong envelope or folded the letters. </p>

<p>My guess is that they want the larger envelopes to make it easier to sort through mail or easier to file stuff. If possible you should of course always follow the instructions, but I'd really be quite surprised if they ever rejected someone because they didn't follow instructions. (I mean this in the context of using the labels, etc. This might be less true when it comes to sending in extra materials like huge resumes or extra essays... that in theory could actually affect your chances, but I doubt even that would matter)</p>