Wrong SAT Scores Sent?

<p>Hi guys! I applied Early Decision to Dartmouth around 10/25, but sent my SAT scores in WAAAY before that (around 10/6). When I checked my status, it said that they received all my materials and were ready for evaluation. However, today, I got an email from Dartmouth saying the received my "recent submission of standardized test scores." I haven't taken any SATs since June and haven't submitted anything else. They said they will "update" my profile. I'm just confused... is this email for the first time I sent my scores (which was more than a month ago), or was there some mistake I should be concerned about?</p>

<p>Daughter received the same email yesterday.
Sent test scores around 10/24.
College Board will only send the scores you request and paid for.</p>

<p>ya I got it too and sent my scores a while ago. I think its just acknowledging that your scores have been processed</p>