Wrong subject test !!

<p>Hey all, I am an int. student. I was taking biology 2 this year (my senior year) so I figured that maybe if it'd b better if I take SAT biology & math.
I only found out that Princeton does not consider the biology test, and that I was supposed 2 take chem or physics instead !!
I don't know what to do?
Could they accept Jan test 4 me? Or should I just drawback my application??
I'd appreciate any help !!</p>

<p>Princeton considers January 4 tests, so you can take another then.</p>

<p>Princeton considers all SAT Subject Tests.</p>

<p>I assume the OP is applying for a B.S.E., in which case Princeton requires an SAT 2 in either physics or chemistry.</p>

<p>Here is Princeton's policy on testing:</p>

Regular Decision applicants must complete all SAT testing by the January test date. All ACT testing must be completed by the December test date. If you currently live outside the United States or Canada, try to complete all testing by the December test date, if possible.


<p>Anarchist, since you are international, it would have been preferable to have completed the testing by Dec. However, it doesn't look like an absolute prohibition, so I would take the test in January and see if there's any way to rush the scores.</p>