'W's on College Transcript

<p>Let's say you're doing poorly in a class and it's after the add/drop period.</p>

<p>How badly does a 'W' look on your transcript? Especially if you plan to attend graduate school and it's a major course you want to drop?</p>

<p>Well I have a NWS ( Which stands for No Work Submitted ) since at my school you only have 2 weeks to drop a course) A NWS doesn't count against your GPA, but I wonder how that looks too.</p>

<p>id rather have a W than a D or an F thats for damn sure</p>

<p>yeah, if you're going to get a D or F then a W will probably look better. I don't think it should hurt you really especially if it's just one.</p>

<p>What if you're gonna get a C in the class? W or take the C?</p>

<p>I'm sorry, I'm a high schooler, what does W stand for?</p>

<p>Withdrawl, some schools, mostly community colleges allow you to drop a class after the normal drop date and get a W on your transcript. It has no affect on your GPA. My university doesn't have that. We do have a NWS though which is different than a W.</p>

<p>Oh okay thank you!</p>

<p>tenisghs, what class is it? and what's your major? if it's major related, say molecular biology and you're a biology major, maybe you should withdraw if you think you can do better. but i don't think 1 C will kill you.</p>

<p>The class is 'Introduction to Macroeconomics.'</p>

<p>I know it sounds silly to get a 'C' in that class, but it's part of my major and it's more difficult than I thought. (Lots of people I know had to drop the class since it was harder than they thought. Too much math involved also). Overall, I'm doing well in the major, but classes like Economics and math do not serve me well. I have to take 'Introduction to Microeconomics' too. If I take the C, it would be my second one on my college transcript (the first C was in Calculus.).</p>

<p>I am sorry but the math in macroecon is very simple, elementary math. It is a bad sign when such simplistic math is difficult for you.</p>

<p>how ... encouraging, vtboy ...</p>

<p>Seriously, ay Caramba, I didn't need to hear that from VTBoy.
I know Engineer students who try to stay away from Writing/Composition classes.
For them, Writing is not "simple" and it's the one of the most important classes.</p>

<p>vtboy, many colleges, not just community colleges let you withdraw from a course.</p>

<p>and back to the subject, if you need Econ for your major, and you're set on the major, then I should probably stick it out. I mean, if you have to take it, you have to take it. If you're going into a major that requires significant math, possibly you should reconsider your major.</p>

<p>Soccer I said most universities don't. Many do, but most don't. Most CC allow it though.</p>

<p>Yale allows you to withdraw, and that's exactly what I'm doing. I am withdrawing from chemistry, because it is graded on a curve and too many people in that class have taken two years of chemistry (one AP) and they are pulling the average way up. It's so unfair, since they're supposed to be in Chem 118, but they took the lazy way out.</p>

<p>Hey SoccerGuy, I only need Microeconmics and Statistics and that's all the math I need. (Thank goodness lol).</p>