'W's on College Transcript

<p>Let's say you're doing poorly in a class and it's after the add/drop period.</p>

<p>How badly does a 'W' look on your transcript? </p>

<p>Especially if you plan to attend graduate/law/medical/business school and it's a major course you want to drop?</p>

<p>Also, is a 'C' worth withdrawing from a course after the add/drop period?</p>

<p>It's the first step to becoming a drug-addicted, homeless criminal, and there's no turning back.</p>

<p>Folks do it all the time - illness, death in family, brain rot. For medical school, you'll need the 11-12 required courses (if it's one of those, you'll have to take it again.) Other than that, if you dropped second-term Serbo-Croatian, you won't be serving in Bosnia.</p>

<p>I think if you are just starting out, you stil lhave time to redeem your self and do things better.</p>

<p>Transcripts don't usually show when a course was dropped or why. Unless a transcript is littered with them, or the student lacks the required number of courses in the major, gen ed, etc..., it should not matter.</p>

<p>I was quite bothered when my S had to withdraw from a course, not because he was failing but entirely because of bureaucratic red tape. He found out that he'd maxed out of courses in his major, so he had to take other kinds of courses. And yet, his advisor strongly urged him to take a particular course (studying abroad had messed up the sequence of courses he could take) By the time he, the dean, the chairmen of various departments and his advisor were all agreed on what to do, the time for add/drop had passed, so he had to withdraw from a course. But he continued to take the course, except that it was re-titled so as to appear to be offered in another department. So, he has a W on his transcript for a course that he in fact continued to take. Grrrr....</p>

<p>A quick glance at the title and I though I was going to read about George Bush's transcript from Yale! Still too close to the election... ;)</p>

<p>People, right now it looks like I'm gonna get a C in 'Introduction to Macroeconomics." It would be my second C on my college transcript (first C was in Calculus). Should I take a 'W' in Econ?</p>

<p>have you talked to your professor about how you can do better in teh class?
Is this your first semester?</p>

<p>If you can take it again later, and you need it for your grad school - go ahead and drop. Maybe you can continue to attend the lectures and do the reading. When you take it again, the work will be more familiar and it will be easier the second time around.</p>

<p>I'm a sophomore. Unfortunately, I will need it for grad school (public policy/sociology/political science schools)
If I drop it, I cannot take Intro to Microeconomics. I won't be able to take Macro until my junior year (which is, IMO too crucial to risk).</p>

<p>It depends on the adcom's political party affiliation.</p>