WSU Scholarships

Realistically, I was wondering what someone of my standing would be able to receive in scholarships from WSU. I am applying to the honors college. I am a Sandpoint High School (Idaho) graduate and I am currently participating in a one year language program through Beijing University. My GPA is 4.56, My SAT Super Score is a 1500 (800 on math), I took 6 AP classes and graduated one year early at the top of my class, and my features that stick out are that i spent 8 years in Singapore and that i have been studying Chinese for 5 years hoping to become fluent. Please give your input.

Which WSU?

The Pullman campus

@SMK040900 @“Erin’s Dad” did you receive any scholarship information other than the WUE at time of admittance? My daughter has similar stats to you minus the foreign country experience and we keep being told that scholarships are not released until after May and keep being released up til September. She was accepted to UCLA so I find it hard to believe WSU won’t give her any merit money. Makes it pretty hard to decide when we don’t know the actual cost. All her other schools awarded her scholarships months ago.