wtf did I get ROBBED?

<p>my previous sat verbal i got 12 wrong and ended up with a 660. I thought the curve was bad. But this sat, on verbal i also got 12 wrong and ended up with a 680.</p>

<p>I had always thought i was robbed this time but it seems like i actually got lucky with a 20 point increase.</p>

<p>What should a raw score of 63 be equal to? Does anyone know why after checking the SAT threads here like 4-5 times, i only confirmed 5 wrong verbals but ended up with 12?</p>


<p>if you're that sure that you did better than what you got, call for the hand-grading service</p>

<p>Also, I believe October is a month when you can request a copy of the test and the right answers.</p>

<p>Raw scores change every time in their conversion. They're scaled correctly, don't worry. Your new score was the result of the test being harder. If you score the same amount right on a harder test, you should get a better grade.</p>