WTH is a 4.0??

<p>Is a 4.0 a 100 average, meaning you got 100's on every class every year or is it just stright A's(90's and higher on each class)? I've heard some diff people it's both...help me pls.</p>

or is it just stright A's(90's and higher on each class)


This, though if an A is different (say, 92) at your school, then it's that. But 90+ is typical.</p>

<p>if a 4.0 was all 100s in all your classes then a 4.0 would be truly impressive (rigorous classes that is). But no, most schools, a 4.0 unweighted gpa I usually 90+</p>

<p>at my school a 4.0 is all As but if you get all A+s then its a 4.3 and all A-s then 3.7</p>

<p>4.0 means: 95-100 in my school</p>

<p>4.0 is straight A's. For most schools, that's 90% or higher.</p>

<p>same for me as golfcrewxctrack. A+ = 4.3333 A = 4 A- = 3.666666</p>

<p>It depends on how GPA is calculated. In an unweighted GPA calculated through letter grades, a 4.0 would signify straight As or almost nearly that (e.g. if your GPA was, say, 3.99997 and rounded). If there are extra points given for, say, "A+" or honors courses, then you wouldn't really need straight As to maintain a 4.0 as long as your extra GPA points average out your grades below A.</p>

<p>In my school, they give us number grades(55-100). On the report cards, there're no letter's or gpa. They didn't even tell us what an A was.</p>

<p>Wow I wish A's were 4.0's. My school weights a 100 as 4.0. No letter grades are considered. 2 points are added to the final grade of honors classes and 4 are added to AP. I have a 97.763 and my GPA is 3.7 or 3.8.</p>

<p>Its a real, rational whole number/integer</p>

<p>At my high school, a 94-100 would be considered an A, or a 4.0. We didn't get anything higher than a 4.0 for an H ("honors" - our equivalent of an A+).</p>

<p>Bandgeek, your GPA will be looked at in the context of your school, so it's really no different.</p>

<p>^ It would just feel nicer looking at the list and seeing a 4.0 next to my student I.D. number</p>

<p>At my school, anything 90+ is an A. They then take all the letter grades and average out a number (A = 4.0)</p>

<p>my school 4.0 = 90-100
although, gpa at my school is counted using percentages</p>

<p>93-100 in my school..i wish my school had 90-100 as an A..those 3 Bs i have on my transcrpit wud be As</p>