WUE Schools Ranked Based on Computer Science Program?

I’m an incoming high school senior from WA and I’m looking at applying to some of the CSUs that offer the WUE discount for Computer Science. I’m assuming Cal Poly Pomona would be at the top, but I’m wondering about the other WUE schools.

For reference, here are the WUE schools that offer the discount for Computer Science:

  1. Pomona
  2. Bakersfield
  3. Channel Islands
  4. Chico
  5. Dominguez Hills
  6. East Bay
  7. Sacramento
  8. San Bernardino
  9. San Marcos
  10. Stanislaus
  11. Humboldt
  12. Sonoma

Maritime and Northridge are WUE Schools but don’t offer the discount for Computer Science.

I guess I’m looking at internships available, how renowned it is, number of graduates employed, etc.

I would put Pomona, East Bay and Sacramento for the top 3 due to location near bigger cities especially Pomona near LA/Orange County and East Bay near Silicon Valley/San Francisco.

San Marcos would be a good option location wise since it is near a tech hub in the San Diego area, however I cannot tell how strong their CS program is in comparison to UCSD and San Diego State.

Each school will have a career center where employers will recruit and hold job fairs along with posting available internships. It is up to you to take advantage of the opportunities available at each campus.

This link may help determine employability and post graduation salary ranges: https://calstatepays.org/#/

What is wrong with your in-state options since UW Seattle has one of the best CS programs on the West coast?

Make sure that you are aware that the WUE “discount” covers tuition costs only, it doesn’t cover room and board discounts and in some parts of California, that is really expensive. Also, they limit the numbers of WUE discounts based on how the school views their numbers. Make sure you can use WUE at your desired school.

Also, a number of these schools are in rural farm country, so you really need to check out the community where these schools are located.

There’s nothing wrong with UW Seattle, in fact I’m not sure I would be directly admitted to the CS program with my current stats even though I’m an in state student. I’m fairly sure I would be accepted as undeclared, but it’s getting near impossible to transfer into the CS major if you weren’t directly admitted.

Yeah, I’m definitely doing more research about these schools. Thank you for the information!

Do California schools charge OOS students more for room and board? There wouldn’t be a WUE discount because most schools charge all students the same for r&b. Fees could be an issue, so make sure you are comparing the right fees. Again, most schools charge the same student fees or computer fees, but check.

yeah that’s what i thought too, thanks for bringing it up!

Academically, Pomona and Chico are probably ‘best’ but, practically, all of these schools offer solid degrees but, vastly different student experiences. So, ‘best’ should really depend on what you are looking for outside the classroom.

I’d add, if you are a high stat applicant, privates like LMU and Santa Clara might be an option.

What do you want from your college experience?

If you’re doing CS, there’s no reason to pay that kind of money, especially for room and board to go to a school in CA. It’s a ridiculously employable degree. Also, you could go to WSU and be just as well off after college.

@twoinanddone, the room and board fees are the same, but there is no discount for WUE because everyone pays the same expensive fees.

Interesting web site, but they combine CS and IT for the purpose of determining pay levels by major.