<p>I was accepted to Washington University in St. Louis, I was also accepted to USC for the spring semester, meaning I would not start until january. Washu was behind USC in my choices until I found out that I had been bumped to january admit. I live in St. Louis. I do not know what to do, whether getting out of town means a lot. anything would help.</p>

<p>There is a lot to be said to going to a university that introduces you to new part of the country, and frequently to students with backgrounds far different from your own, and of those around you. Perhaps USC is that university for you.</p>

<p>In the grand scheme of things the difference between starting university in the fall or in the spring is not major. USC is large university and for anyone reasonably outgoing the social disadvantage of starting "later" than other freshmen is easily overcome. Then there's the opportunity of a "gap" semester -- which you may be able to put to advantage with travel, a temporary job, volunteer work, etc.</p>

<p>So I would advise you to pick the university that you would have if there wasn't the "gap" in starting.</p>

<p>USC is not on par with WashU academically, rising - yes, but not in the same league.</p>