wut do you guys think of my chances (im not too optimistic myself)


<p>My SAT is a 1910 (630 reading, 630 writing, 650 math) I have a 3.8 GPA 2nd decile in a VERY competative high school in New York. Nationally known HS. Im gonna retake this though. I want 2000+</p>

<p>English 9h
Math 1h

<p>Bio H, Math II H, Principles of Engineering, English 10, CAD, Spanish II, Global History H</p>

<p>*CAD-computer aided design, engineering course</p>

<p>Chemistry, Math III, English 11, Spanish III, CAD II, Global History H (2nd part), Critical Health Issue (Honors Health course)</p>

<p>AP Physics, Spanish 200-201 H, Math 12 (Pre Calc), AP American History, College Business Law H, Social Physc, Public Speaking, Journalism (English electives because i finished a year early)</p>

<p>AP Micro economics, AP Macro, AP calc, AP Stats, AP Bio, AP art history, AP Lit, Public Policy H (required for graduation)</p>

<p>I also do alot of extracurricular stuff including: (the starred ones are my hooks, or at least i think they are)</p>

<p><strong><em>Ambulance Corps</em></strong>** My most Important and valued EC
-1500+ hours of community service
-Secretary of youth division-1yr
-1st Lieutenant-1 yr
-Captain-1 yr
-County Youth member of the year award given by countywide EMS and government representatives</p>

<p>***started a youth chapter of the American Red Cross...first ever in my county we organize blood drives and do courses for the little ones (more community service in addition to the 1500)</p>

<p>Superintendant Advisory Council (4 years. It is a 2 year term and you must be chosen through an application process by the Superintendant of the district. There are only 3 students per grade. All together in a district of about 5000 High School students, 24 are in this.)
JSA for 3 years
president and vice president of Engineering Club for 3 years
President of Red Cross for 2 years
Headed a fundraiser as Red Cross Prez which raised $1000 for Hurricane relief in Florida
National Honor Society for two years
science achievement award
Social Studies achievement award (3 years)
Math National Honor society (Mu Alpha Theta 3 years)
Spanish Honor Society
Citizenship Award
School Newspaper <em>a few feature articles</em>
played hockey for 2 years in HS
physics bowl
camp counselor 2 years
shadowing a plastic surgeon
nursing home volunteer 2 years
CPR-AED professionally trained and certified (its not the normal one msot people get, its more advanced since im in EMS)
Hazmat certified, Blood Bourne Pathogens certified
Responded to 600+ emergency 911 calls
Gonna get a rec from a paramedic ive worked with for 3 years, it will be amazing</p>

<p>im also gonna have exceptional essays and reccomendations</p>

<p>i think you would have a better chance if you spent more time studying for the sat and less time helping people........1500 hrs of community service!!!!! what the s@#t, that's two months out of your life doing something for free....disgusting. you should just join the peace corp.</p>

<p>by the way you're golden, hope you like football</p>

<p>i dont think i have a chance though...</p>

<p>Doogie311, you really should not say that. If you studied for your SATs, and got at least a 2100, then I think that you have a good shot.</p>

<p>i hope u guys arent implying that i should study meaning i havent, i find that to be insulting</p>

<p>Since the Emory policy for the new SAT accepts either the new or old exam for the Class of 2010 a 2100 might not be enough especially if one scored in the mid 700s on the writing section. Is this accurate since the average SAT was 1380 on the old exam?</p>

<p>i probably wont apply here, seems like its too much of a reach for me</p>

<p>dude no...if you write a good essay you'll have a good chance. You have a LOT of community service so write something good.</p>

<p>Doogie311, i'm interested in voluntering in something like an ambulance corp. or doing some work for the red cross. how did you get started in that? any idea if there's anything of the sort in the chicago area?</p>

<p>private message me and ill explain both to you</p>

<p>I know someone who got in with a 1230 so you have a chance. APPLY!</p>

<p>What other schools are you considering?</p>

<p>GW i love, but sadly i can only go if i get sum money, which i dont think is likely...wake forest, northeastern, villanova, penn state, and UNC-chapel hill (ahaha i know u can laugh), and UCONN...i spread myself out down the east coast :)</p>

<p>You have an ok chance. If your serious about it, work hard on the essay and make sure to show alot of interest.</p>

<p>its kinda funny...i get more positive feedback from this room, but from the general "whats my chances" room, i posted sumthin about my chances at emory...got totally shut down</p>

<p>haha if you really wanna go consider oxford emory, after two years you go to emory. Some kids transfer to Chapel Hill after one year too.</p>

<p>Doogie, I would say your chances are slim to none, if not for all that community service. However, that, along with showing a strong interest, could be enough to get you in.</p>