WVU engineering tracks

So my D19 was just accepted into WVU’s engineering program. (Hurrah!) However, the engineering program there has three tracks, based on what math course you place into. WVU’s placement is based on ACT or SAT math scores, and my daughter doesn’t do well on standardized tests, so she was placed into track 3, the one that takes 5 years.

However, students who can start with calculus place into track 1. Despite her ACT and SAT scores, she does quite well in actual math classes, and is currently taking DE calculus at the local college, and doing well at it—so she’ll transfer in with credit for calculus, presumably.

So my question, then, is how firm admission to a particular engineering track is—is her placement in track 3 firm and unchangeable (which would, I’m afraid, knock WVU off the list), or is it subject to change given things like later testing ir transferred credit or AP scores or such?

@dfbdfb I am pretty sure it’s not final. If I’m not mistaken they will take another test (school math) as well prior to registration. My son was accepted into a different Engineering track but afterwards improved his math SAT and was able to switch to Track 1. When we went on the Engineering tour I believe we were told if you are not accepted into Track 1 initially it wasn’t a big deal and it can change.