WVU Housing - Choosing a Dormitory

Hi, after a few months of deliberation, it appears my son is heading to Morgantown to study engineering next fall. With that in mind, we really never toured any of the dorms during our visit last fall. Does anyone have any insight to share as we prepare to make a choice?

Online videos is the way to go . Get him close to his classes . I believe Engineering is @ Evansdale campus . Start there . We liked the Towers. They just renovated the cafeteria do Natalie’s . Snazzy . Did your son/you check out the Facebook group I mentioned elsewhere?

Headed that WVU later today for an audition ! Might revisit dorms

Yes, it looks like we’re going to be in Braxton. We’ll probably commit in another week or so. Still waiting for a final scholarship notice from Pitt, but I’d say we’re headed to Morgantown. Really looking forward to it!