Wyndham housing students...

<p>Some of the freshmen students will be housed at the Wyndham -- I guess that is better than the lounges :)</p>

<p>Wow, I've never heard of that before! Well, it's right across the street from the honors housing.</p>

<p>Wow where did you hear that?
I want to stay there haha
I guess Pitt is short of housing this year?</p>

<p>You can read about it in the Pitt News. Once again, they have underestimated the enrollment numbers. You think they would have learned from last year. I am thinking they used up the lounge space and needed more rooms thus the deal with Wyndham. Well, they will have one room opening up for Fall as DS is doing a co-op but they have to provide housing for him in the Spring maybe he will end up at the Wyndham :)</p>

<p>I've stayed in the Wyndham. It's a really nice hotel. They'll probably put at least two students per room, but it is better than some of the dorms. I wonder if they get maid service? Perhaps not, but I'd say its definitely better than the towers, IMO, except for missing out on the social aspects of other dorms.</p>

<p>I was thinking about the maid service too! Somehow I don't think that will be included but who knows :)</p>

<p>It would make sense for them to have specific floors devoted to the Pitt students so the maids can bypass those floors. I would think the students would be responsible for cleaning the bathroom (similar to the suites).</p>

<p>Room service!</p>

<p>Ohhh -- think of the damage if you ordered room service everyday!!!</p>

<p>My daughter and I met one of the students assigned to the Wyndham at a freshman send-off event held by the Chicago area Pitt Alumni Club a couple of weeks ago. He said he felt very lucky to have a room at all because he had gotten his housing application in after the deadline. </p>

<p>Everybody at this event was also curious about maid service. Wish I could tell you the answer, but he didn't know either.</p>