Xavier is Goldilocks?

LAC too small? Big State U too big? Is that what you/yours is looking for? Our son didn’t want to go to a small LAC, but in the end realized that the State U’s he also got into - good schools, to be sure - were also places where he would just be in a big mass. Ultimately he decided that the mid size of Xavier (aka The Next Butler) meant enough resources and opportunities, but also the personal touch. Turns out that, because of his specialty interest (astro) that the Chair of his department (physics) is also going to be his academic advisor! He would seldom even SEE the Chair at big schools, elbowed out of the way by doctoral students - Xavier doesn’t have them, so no TA’s either, just professors teaching! Kids from all around the country, small class sizes, but big time sports (Elite Eight last year, Sweet 16 the year before), the Jesuits teaching him ethics and philosophy, decent merit aid, and in a Real City, not just a college town. No fraternities, but then again - no fraternities! For parents that = Less Nonsense, but don’t worry, PLENTY to do. Not too big, not to small - JUST right! All For One indeed.