Xavier University (OH)- merit scholarships?

I am an upcoming senior and am now thinking about applying for Xavier as a direct entry nursing major. How much merit would they give me with my stats? They had a wide range of merit scholarships on their website, and I’d just like to know where I’d fall. Thanks in advance!

Stats: 4.0 gpa uw, 7 ap, 1520 sat, misc. volunteering, 2 varsity sports, not really much leadership or prominent/big community service roles

Did you try the NPC? Some schools ask about stats and then give a good idea about the merit you’d qualify for.

Congratulations on your excellent stats! My son is entering Xavier as a freshman this fall (from out of state), had decent grades and scores (but nothing like yours), and received $15K/year in merit aid. My impression is that Xavier aggressively uses merit aid for recruitment purposes, so I think you can certainly expect to receive a good package. Why not give the admissions office a call? Some schools have a merit-aid-for-scores formula that they are happy to share.

@grimss Thank you! That is very reassuring to me :slight_smile: Now I’m just worried about the common app essay haha

My daughter got 18k in merit aid from XU and her stats were not as good as yours either. Don’t stress about the essay, write it now and tweak it over the next couple of months and you’ll be good.

My son received $18,000 per year and his stats were not as good as yours.

My kid received 18k with admit decision to direct nursing last week

Accepted and merit but no word on nursing yet

my daughter was accepted 11/3 admit to engineering physics with $20k merit

DD was accepted 11/6 with $20K merit - slightly lower GPA and test scores, but excellent ECAs and leadership. She will attend X Day next weekend and we hope that will seal the deal.

Son was accepted with $20K merit. 3.22 GPA (trending upwards) from Jesuit Prep School & 1390 SAT. Solid ECA’s and Recs.

S19 was accepted with $20k merit. Surprised there isn’t more about Xavier on College Confidential! Congrats to everybody!

My daughter rec’d 18k merit last year but even with all that and all her scholarships she would have still been paying triple what she’s paying UC. Xavier is an amazing school but financially it just didn’t make sense for her. I hope it works out for all of you.

My S was accepted with 20K merit and his stats were not as good as yours.

Yeah. I’m surprised there’s not more on Xavier as well. Anyone know if nursing decisions have been or are being announced soon?