Y’all know anywhere to take calculus online

i dropped ap calc but all the regular calc classes at my school are full, you guys know of anywhere to take calc or stats online? i tried byu but it doesn’t seem to have them

If you don’t mind my asking, why did you drop calculus? There seems to be a bunch of posts these days about students wanting to drop calculus and I’m wondering if it’s the time of year or maybe pandemic math instruction gone wrong. I’ll let other posters chime in with online class ideas because I don’t know of any. You could also try to take it at a community college next semester as it is only a semester class in college.

i was just spending too much time on the class, like hours studying, and still getting C’s, and it was starting to affect my other classes as well

Got it and thanks for the reply. It’s a time intensive class for sure. The grades tend to improve as the semester moves along if you put in the work. But there are only so many hours in a day. Good luck with everything.

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If you don’t have the time for in-person calculus, what makes you think you will have the time for online calculus?


You need to ask your guidance counselor if an online calc class will give you credit. Make sure that any class you sign up for is from an accredited online organization.

it’s regular so it’s less time consuming anyways. i had no problem with the basic concepts but it was the complex, ap exam level questions that i was spending so much time trying to figure out

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i’ll get credit for outside classes only if they’re accredited and uc approved i’m just having trouble finding a place to take calc bc my cc only has classes during times that i’m in school

How did you do in algebra, trigonometry, and pre-calculus?

Calculus is a subject that depends a great deal on the prerequisites. In my experience if you are very solid with the prerequisites then calculus is straightforward. However, I have heard repeatedly that if you are weak on the prerequisites then calculus is tough.

I do not see any need to take calculus early. I did not take in until I was a freshman in university and still graduated university as a math major.

I probably should remember this from other posts, but what year of high school are you in?

i actually did pretty good on the prereqs and stuff. if i toughed out ap calc ab i would’ve been able to drop a test and maybe get a B at the end but it was taking away from my other classes, i’m a junior and i want to major in STEM so i think it might look weird if i don’t take math junior year

It will look weird. For a STEM major math is pretty important. Unless you’re thinking about a Bio major. Please don’t tell me you dropped math for APUSH :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

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You can try Florida Virtual School. They are open to everyone.

I can’t give you a personal review on their math courses so you would definitely want to investigate that on your own.

Also, it’s not the cheapest option.

AP Calculus is supposed to be college-level. So an online college class should be at the same level. AP classes vary a lot in rigor, and a lot of them vary downward. The 4 rate for AB is 14% and the 5 rate for AB is 18%.

Your plan may not play out the way you intend.




UC Scout offers an AP stats and a non-AP stats course. I don’t know of any online program that offers a high school level introductory Calc course, but both BYU and UC Scout offer AB.

thank you!
i can’t find any calc classes either - i might end up doing stats this year and signing up for calc at my school next year

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