Yale and WashU Or OU?

<p>^^great point by soze. But if you do well at Yale and WashU, you can definitely get into med school, you just have to worry about it a lot more.</p>

<p>If you are only "pretty sure" that you want to go the medical school route it seems such a shame to pass up Yale (where you could play football too). One friend in each place and their experience with medical school doesn't seem to enough to pass up Yale. (I am not mentioning Wash. U. because I can't see selecting it over Yale).</p>

<p>Simply, go to Yale, it will change your life. You could play it safe, go to OU and never leave the state or you can take a flyer on one of the most sought after educations on the planet. You may or may not want to be a doctor after Yale works it's magic and opens up lots of doors.</p>

<p>Yale or any Ivy would be amazing. 2 things scare me a lot though. One is the fact that my friend, an OK resident, went to harvard and played football (he was national merit and valedictorian in HS) and got denied OU Med. Another is in a brochure I picked up from the OU Health Sciences Center in OKC (for you OK people you know what I mean when I say the HSC is amazing now... New Cancer and Childrens hospital and everything). 1293 people applied to OU med... Only 169 were admitted... That's a 13% acceptance rate!! And that's only OU we are talking about.</p>

<p>People routinely turn down HYP in exchange for guaranteed med school admission at what might be considered "lesser" schools. It really depends on how sure you are that medicine is what you want.</p>

<p>The OU program does not guarantee admission to their medical school. You have to maintain a GPA and MCAT score equal to the previous years med school class to be admitted. While you may feel this is likely, it's not guaranteed.
Also, are you saying you have already been accepted to this program or are you just considering applying?</p>

<p>Its a provisional acceptance which means all I have to do is maintain at above the average GPA of the previous years incoming class and score the same on the MCAT. No I'm not accepted but I'm pretty sure I will get in. My credentials will be a bit higher then this years people that got accepted (just got a 4.0 UW for my JR year and will bring my ACT to at least a 32) and my EC with medicine will get me in as well.</p>


I agree 100%. Do a great job on your apps, and if you get into more than one, take all the time until April 30 to decide!</p>

<p>I wish it was that easy... Coaches want verbal commitments ASAP and signing day is in Feb...</p>

<p>YALE 10char</p>

<p>Football leaves very little time for studying for your hard pre-med classes. I'd go with OU as you'd have a better chance of succeeding in your major.</p>

<p>Is cost a factor?</p>

<p>kajon, cost is not a factor. crazed, you have a very good point. I am going to Yale at the end of this month and one thing I am going to ask some of the current players is how they are balancing pre-med with football.</p>