Yale Class of 2020 Waitlist Thread

I came to realize there is no thread for those who reside in limbo.
I applied to bio-medical engineering, have absolutely no hope in getting off the waitlist, and am waiting till Wednesday when a state competition is finished to update.
Best of luck to everyone!

I too am on the waitlist, although still considering whether I want to update. Where are you going to send it to?

Best of luck!

@ReadyForTheWind I was planning on a traditional mail to
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
P.O. Box 208234
New Haven, CT 06520-8234
As the member gibby suggested.

I am a waitlister too. I am going to update after JEA Nationals and again after BPA Nationals. I had contact with several admissions officers throughout my application process, so I will be emailing them directly. Best of luck to all of you guys!

Some info I came across the other day from a Hartford newspaper. Might be of some interest to you guys.

The admission rate from the waitlist was even lower at Yale University last year: 1 percent. Yale’s dean of admission, Jeremiah Quinlan said in an email that 1,323 were on the waitlist last year and only 14 were admitted. This year, he said, 1,097 are on the waitlist and he expects that more will be admitted than last year.

@hzhao2004 I still personally feel I have no hope, but I’m rooting for you guys and gals! Here’s to hoping that they take 100+ off!

Why is this thread so much less active than the Harvard waitlist one?

@ReadyForTheWind Because people are really gunning for Harvard in this board more than anything else.
Maybe demographics, maybe resolution. No idea.

Submitted my update and now it’s the waiting game.

@Nedcone Bizzare. I would personally prefer to go to Yale over Harvard, surprised so very few share my views, although that’s perfectly fine and Harvard is an excellent school.

Perhaps Yale waitlists fewer applicants?

What should I send in a letter (waitlisted)?

Brown & Columbia ask for updates. What should I send them?
And should I send to Yale too? UChicago advises that it should only be a brief note of interest. Does Yale want the same?

Hey there, Australian international waitlisted applicant here! I just sent off my letter by express post which I had cleared by family and tutors. I limited it to a single page which expressed my reasons for wanting to attend Yale University (passion for research and liberal arts education which I can’t get here in Australia), and to support arguably the weakest part of my application which was my SAT scores.

I briefly talked about some academic achievements, and how I would also definitely contribute to the Yale community given the opportunity.

Good luck!

Anyone apply for chemistry?

@ReadyfortheWind Me too :stuck_out_tongue:

Yale waitlists ~1000 candidates, but Harvard doesn’t publish their numbers… Possibly because they waitlist a lot more.

just curious-- some colleges do not wait list students who got deferred on early action; are there any people on here who got deferred early and then wait listed?

@hellothere4576 Yale (and Penn) do not waitlist anyone who is deferred in the early round.

And the waiting game begins :slight_smile:

Uggh I wish i could’ve been part of the class of 2021 since they are increasing their class size for next year. Anyways, what typically goes in an update email? Right now I have a few sentences about why Yale (i talked about the sense of community you get from the residential colleges plus all the traditions the school has). I also provided some updates about myself such as extracurriculars and competitions. I also talked about plans I have for this summer. Does this sound good? I don’t want to overwhelm them with info or sound like i’m bragging.

Any news???

I haven’t heard anything :slight_smile: Patience, friend.