Yale Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

S was waitlisted

Rejected after being deferred EA, this one stings a bit haha. Also rejected by Cornell but accepted to Brown! Very grateful. Will be attending Cambridge in the U.K., which was always my top choice. It all works itself out


Have you considered U.K. schools too? I’m from the U.K. and applied to unis in both countries this year

are the admits able to get into the admitted student portal thing?

Cambridge is a great school, as you know. Congrats

This was a tough year, especially for RD. Don’t let it get you down.


same i can’t find it either

1520 SAT
103.7 GPA
Rank 2 of 370ish
Lots of leadership and EC’s
Strong essays


Daughter rejected after REA deferral. Tough year!

Accepted: Dartmouth/Vandy/Rice/BC(Gabelli scholar)/UNC (OOS)
Waitlisted: Harvard/Northwestern/UMich/NYU (Stern)
Rejected: Penn/Brown/Duke/Yale


I wonder how many are waitlisted (and how many potentially can get accepted off the waitlist and when) ?

Regardless of what decision you may have received, everyone on this forum is amazing and super talented !!!

Change the world !!!

Any of you that are waitlisted NOT have the reply form in the portal??


Not a fit and that is it. Thankful for many great opportunities. Wish everyone good luck.

Would you guys take Yale or Caltech for a prospective EE major?

It says 1030 were put on the waitlist. It’s a strange year – the yields may be unpredictable and then you also have a potentially larger class size already with previous admits currently on a gap year. It’s tough to say, but I would guess that not many would be taken off the waitlist this year. Also, remember that in general the waitlist is not an even shot for everyone – it’s based on replacing those that decline to maintain a certain class makeup.

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3.85 UW, 4.11 W
1570 SAT (800R, 770M)
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science


My daughter has the same issue. She does not see a place to respond to the waitlist. Were you able to find it?

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Any idea when the waitlist acceptance will show up on Yale’s portal ?

Not seeing it yet… Disregard… It showed up this morning…


Did anyone else’s financial aid letter pop up before the acceptance video?


that’s amazing congrats!!! what were your ec’s (if you’re comfortable)?

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