YALE--do you think i have a chance?!?!?!

<p>Hey, do you think I have a chance? Should I even apply?</p>

<p>I'm a junior and I currently attend a great college prep school (2nd best public prep school in california). I know I want to study law, but as for what profession I want, I'm not exactly sure...I've taken nothing but honors classes since my freshman year--except this year I'm taking two AP classes. Here's the list:</p>

<p>(this year)
Physics, Honors
US History, AP
Human Anatomy, Honors
Accounting, Honors
English--Writing, AP
Finite Math, Honors</p>

<p>Last year, I volunteered at a local library and worked every week
I have won various awards in FBLA--business law and other divisions
active member in FBLA for two years so far
active member of Key Club
active member of Enviromental Science Club
my gpa is a 3.5, and yes i know i need to work on that...</p>

<p>I've always done well on essays, so I feel pretty confident about my admissions essay.
I have a few good teachers in mind, that I know very well, for my recomendations</p>

<p>I rank average at my school--it's pretty tough competition
During the summer, I enjoy taking art classes at a local community college</p>

<p>--yes, I know I need to do more work to make my application look better...but being a junior and still having time to improve, do you think i have a chance? What should I do to improve?</p>

<p>if you do really well on your tests...you will have a decent chance, but a gpa like yours will make things tough for ya (im in the same situation)...if your school is VERRRY competitive and well-known, a "low" (its not actually low) GPA may be ok....good luck in your pursuits</p>