Yale EA Chances

<p>I'm applying to Yale EA. Gimme me chances ;)</p>

<p>The following are my stats (EXTREMELY abbreviated)
Indian. Male. Canadian (but have Greencard- american permanent residency)
SAT I: 1450, ACT: 34 (99th Percentile) SAT II: 790 (writing), 740 (bio, 87th percentile tho), 780 (math, 99th percentile)</p>

<p>Marks: 96% (Grade 11, Ranking: 1 out of 100 <--school won't provide this however, they just give the nearest "decile") Hands down, hardest curriculum offered at our school. </p>

<p>EC's: Focus interests as follows-
HUMANITARIAN- volunteer like you wouldn't believe,received scholarship for volunteering, profiled on nationwide radio, hundreds of hours. Co-President of Humanitarian Outreach Program, Environment Club, RESULTS (like Amnesty), trip to Haiti to volunteer, public speaker (on volunteering)</p>

<p>WRITING- won two short story contests (one city-wide), write for Youthinkit magazine (shortly), founded and run literary magazine at our school</p>

<p>THE OTHER STUFF- done speech and debate for 5 years, won over 20 medals, advanced to provincials in both areas and recently went to an international tournament (tied with the Aussies). Also went to Global Young Leaders Conference, where I was appointed Chairman (and interviewed by UN Radio). Also, founding board member of the IB Student Society- IBO approved, international association for IB students. </p>

<p>I also went to Shad Valley 2004, where I helped found a company (terminus innovations) and invent a product that is in the process of being patented.</p>

<p>Er, that's all. Chances?</p>

<p>I think you are a solid candidate. But if you're applying to ALL ivies just because of their prestige, you should reconsider some other options that may offer better courses and programs for your anticipated field of study.</p>

<p>You might want some safety schools too. Each ivy is a match for you at best.</p>

<p>Thanks for your reply! </p>

<p>I'm also applying to a ton of others- don't really know if I have any safeties. I didn't mention the other unis, because I know I get annoyed when I see long lists.....</p>

<p>I mentioned Yale because I'm applying EA. As for other ivies, I may or may not actually apply to all of them. Kind of depend on what I feel my chances are...</p>

<p>If you're interested my complete list includes:</p>

<li>Yale EA</li>
<li>Michigan State University</li>
<li>George Washington University</li>
<li>Penn State</li>
<li>Duke </li>

<p>and others....</p>


<p>In any case, good luck! Even though an ivy league school is nobody's safety school, you are likely to be admitted by at least one if you apply to all eight. ;)</p>

<p>btw, could you assess my profile too? :D</p>

<p>Done (see your thread)</p>

<p>Does anyone else have any ideas about my chances??</p>


<p>someone tell me my chances to the other unis as well!!!!</p>

<p>I think we have about 40% chances.(Check my post and you"ll see we have very similar scores and resumes)</p>

<p>Woah. Weird...........</p>

<p>I guess 40% is better than 10% :P</p>

<p>Early Action is closer about 20% and we both his the top of there ACT range. (SAT IIs are bonuses for us as they take the ACT instead of both SAT I and IIs). You have excellent volunteer work and I could definitely play on there golf team. 40% ;)</p>

<p>It's ironic; you're almost exactly like me. IB, high marks, Shad Valley 2004 (I went to Waterloo). Except I definitely don't have your ECs. I think you have a good chance...yay for Canadians!</p>

<p>I have been told they use this system for your academic performance:
SAT I out of 80 (so 1450 is 73)
SAT II out of 80 (so 2320 is 77)
ACT out of 160 (so 34 is 152)</p>

<p>plus grades on an 80 point scale (you will probably get 78-80)</p>

<p>average for accepted student is about 220</p>

<p>you probably 231
me 227 (grades are a bit weaker)</p>

<p>Thanks everyone! </p>

<p>Yay for shad valley matheholic! Are you going to nationals? (BTW, that's another thing for the resume, lol)</p>

<p>And thank you so much pappy1986 for all that stuff. That's a fairly interesting system for determining academic performance- but it certainly is encouraging. You probably have a better chance then i do tho...the only athletic thing I have is badminton (school team, should I even put that on?). Good luck anyways!</p>

<p>Er, what do you think my chances are at the other ivies? (ie Cornell, Dartmouth)</p>

<p>I'm sad to say that I won't be able to go to the Cup (Nfld...Toronto...all that water...:(). Good luck to you guys' project! By the way, we are the clip-on light team.</p>

<p>I hope you get in! Then I might have a chance :)</p>

<p>SAT is average, maybe a little less than many Yale EA's but your resume and others are strong. </p>

<p>For the people giving percentages... don't put too much stock in them. This is really like pulling a name out of a hat. People less strong than you will be admitted, people stronger will be rejected. However, I would bet you will get into all but Stanford/Yale for sure. Y and S are really a toss-up. Don't stress about it, you're definitely a good candidate.</p>

<p>Thanks drownindreams. Won't they look at my ACT score? Isn't that a little better?</p>

<p>Also, Matheholic sorry you're not coming! It's gonna be fun (btw, do you know Stephanie from your shad?)</p>

<p>Hey bloggin- it's absolutely admirable the way you volunteer, you sound like me. Send me a message if you ever want to chat about it.</p>

<p>Thanks karimegan! (I don't know how to make private messages work for me :S. It says I can't send 'em.) </p>

<p>Do you guys think my ACT score is sufficient for Yale EA?</p>