Yale EA Clarification?

<p>Hello! I have some questions regarding the Early Action program at Yale.</p>

<p>1) If you are accepted to Yale early action, how long do you have to either decline or accept the offer?</p>

<p>2) Building on #1... If you are accepted to Yale EA, but waitlisted at your dream school, would you be allowed to wait for the waitlisted school's decisions to come out?</p>

<p>3) If you apply to Yale EA, you can't apply EA anywhere else, right?</p>

<p>Thanks so much :)</p>

<li><p>the deadline to respond is may 1st, though they may grant extensions.</p></li>
<li><p>yes. you can accept yale's offer of admission while being on a waitlist. if you get off the waitlist, you can let yale know you will no longer be attending and enroll at that waitlist school.</p></li>
<li><p>you can't apply anywhere else EA. you can, however, do rolling admissions at state schools that release decisions in the winter.</p></li>

<li>until May 1 the same de3adline as for all others</li>
<li>No, and yes, Yale should be your dream school if you apply SCEA but anyway see above, must commit by May 1 and waitlist decisions come out in May/June so you can commit to Yale and then withdraw that if you get accepted to the other but it's not fun</li>

<p>Expanding on Q #2: If Yale accepts you, you must accept/decline their offer by May 1st. You are allowed to accept Yale and still hold spots on other schools' waitlists. If one of those others later accepts you, you can then contact Yale and withdraw your attendance. </p>

<p>But Yale needs your yes/no by May 1st, knowing that it's feasible that you could withdraw because of a future WL offer.</p>