Yale Ea-not!

<p>I was going to apply Yale EA, but instead decided to apply columbia ED. If I am denied or deferred, still going to apply RD, but I'm kind of glad because I think I have a better chance getting into columbia. Still, even though columbia is my first choice jsut because of location and what I want to do, Yale is a very close second.</p>

<p>White Male
Rank: 16/555 (top 3 %)
GPA: 4.4
SAT I: 1510 (800 v, 710 m)
SAT II: 700 Lit, 690 US H, 620 writing (eek)
AP's: English 11(5), US H(4), AB Calc (4)
This year taking AP gov, AP psych, AP Statistics, AP English, Econ Honors, Newspaper, Physics Hon.</p>

<p>ECS: NHS, spanish NHS, math NHS (mu alpha theta), treasurer and charter member of model u.n, charter member of book club, school newspaper, write in teen section of real newspaper.</p>

<p>BUMP- comment on chances RD please.</p>

<p>Pretty good chances. SAT II's are a little low (are you retaking?) EC's seem solid too. With good essays and recs you have a great shot at making both schools. Good luck!</p>

<p>I'll probably at least retake writing. That's what I'm good at; I think I could get 700 plus easily. I wasn't prepared for that short of an essay time- I think thats what screwed me up.</p>

<p>bump...chances please</p>

<p>Do I Have A Chance Rd????????????</p>

<p>I don't know about your chances, but your SAT II's are low for Yale and, compared with other people I have seen on this board, there is nothing that stands about your ECs. </p>

<p>Best of luck though!</p>

<p>Bump- Rd Opinion Please</p>

<p>Hopefully you have a chance because I have almost the same stats as you. Except my SATIIs are higher and my SATI is lower. I also was going to do EA for Yale but then switched to ED in Columbia for the same reasons... I want to major in nueroscience. (Yale does not have this for undergrads.)</p>