Yale EA Rejects/Deferees

<p>This thread is for all the Yale EA rejects and deferees to show where they were accepted regular decision and where they are going to college next year. Hopefully this threat will help next years EA rejects and deferees to show that other AMAZING schools will offer admission.</p>

<p>Sooooo, if you were rejected or deferred, post 1) some stats (SAT, GPA, Rank), 2) Rejected or deferred, 3) Where you got into school, and 4) Where you're going</p>

<p>Hope this helps all the future EAers!</p>

<p>1.) 1600, 790, 780, 720, 34, 3.94, unranked
2.) Deferred and rejected
3.) Got in at Tufts, Dartmouth, Wash. U., and Holy Cross. Waiting on Princeton and Wesleyan.
4.) Princeton, Dartmouth, or Wesleyan.</p>

<p>1.) 1490, 750, 740, 730 (Those were my SAT IIs when i applied)
2.) Rejected EA
3.) Accepted at NYU, BU, Tufts, Northwestern, Columbia, Cornell, & Penn (waiting on Princeton)
4.) Probably Penn or Columbia</p>

<p>1.) 1500, 760, 750, 750, 4.0 UW, 2/318
2.) Deferred then rejected
3.) Accepted at WM, UVA Echols, Tufts, JMU and Mary Washington (safeties), Barnard, Davidson, Duke, and Penn [waitlisted at Swarthmore, Williams, Cornell, Columbia, and Dartmouth...]
4.) looks like it'll be Duke or Penn though i'm still holding out for Princeton (though I doubt it'll happen...)</p>

<li>1520, 800, 790, 790, 3.4UW, no rank, AP Scholar with Distinction</li>
<li>Deferred, then rejected</li>
<li>Accepted at Tufts, Brandeis, Rochester; waiting on Stanford</li>
<li>If Stanford accepts, then Stanford. Otherwise, Tufts</li>

<li>32 ACT, 750, 700, 690, 4.0 UW, rank: 1/343</li>
<li>Deferred then rejected</li>
<li>Accepted: Penn, Berkeley, USC, UCLA, McGill
Pending: Stanford, Princeton, Full-tuition scholarship at USC, Duke(waitlisted)</li>
<li>If I get the scholarship at USC, I'm going to USC.</li>

<li>1500, 790, 750, 700, 4.0 UW 1/150</li>
<li>Deferred then rejected</li>
<li>Accepted at UF, WM, Penn and waiting on Vanderbilt
waitlisted Northwestern and Brown</li>
<li>Penn!!!! Go Quakers class of 2009!!!!</li>

<p>I just got into PRINCETON!</p>

<p>Congratulations! I just found out today that I got into Vanderbilt with a 15,000 a year merit scholarship. Doesn't change anything though. Penn c/o 2009!</p>

<li>1530, 800, 790, 760 - check PR Stats for the rest</li>
<li>Deferred, then accepted</li>
<li>I got in all sorts of places - again, check PR Stats</li>
<li>Looks like either Harvard or Yale, possibly Princeton if I get accepted there</li>

<li>1500, 800, 780, 780, 770, 4.0, 1/94</li>
<li>Deferred, then accepted</li>
<li>Yale, Harvard, Brown PLME, Princeton, Amherst, Wellesley, SUNY Binghamton, SUNY Geneseo, waitlisted at Columbia</li>
<li>probably Yale (maybe Harvard or Brown)</li>

<li>1560, 780, 780, 700, 4.0, 1/89</li>
<li>Rejected... just rejected</li>
<li>Amherst, Georgetown, UCSB</li>
<li>Yale was my number one... oh well, probably ucsb, cause of the scholarship</li>

<li>1570, 800, 780, 750, 3.88 UW GPA</li>
<li>Deferred, then rejected</li>
<li>Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth, Duke, U of Michigan (still waiting on Stanford and Princeton)</li>
<li>Dunno, maybe Columbia or Brown</li>

<li>1450, 800, 780, 600, 3.96 UW, unranked but 2-3/43</li>
<li>Deferred, then rejected</li>
<li>Indiana U (Music), Vanderbilt, BU (rejected Harvard, Bard Conservatory; waitlisted Cleveland Inst. of Music; waiting on New England Conservatory, but it hardly matters since I'm no longer eligible for the double-degree with Harvard.)</li>
<li>Indiana if money allows; otherwise it's a tough call between BU and Vandy... unless of course CIM takes me off the waitlist.</li>

<li>1450, 800, 690, 650, 3.65 UW, 11/500</li>
<li>Deferred, then waitlisted </li>
<li>a (is for accepted): University of Michigan
w (is for waitlisted): Oberlin, Johns Hopkins University, Barnard, Brandeis (oh puh-leez)</li>
<li>UMich, I guess. They do have everything I do want, I guess, except for being a medium-sized college with a bunch of social intellectuals, and they have a lot I don't want, either (is big 10 good or bad? I hear they have great parties :)) We will see about the Y and the O waitlists, though - I intend to push, shove, plead, beg, and jeopardize the crew of the Starfleet Enterprise to get off the waitlists.</li>

<p>First and last post on this website, although I have read some forums from time to time. My situation is this. I liked Yale best and applied EA and was deferred and now rejected. I am convinced, however, that the top colleges talk and bargain over who gets who. Besides the case of Princeton hacking into Yale's system in like 2002, is there any evidence of this and what do you all think about a possible meeting between the bigwigs.</p>

<p>For me, this is how things turned out: Harvard - accepted, Princeton - accepted, Yale - rejected, Brown - accepted, Dartmouth - accepted, Duke - accepted, Tufts - accepted, Johns Hopkins - accepted, Cornell - waitlisted, Penn - waitlisted.</p>

<p>Not to sound pompous, but I guess Cornell waitlisted me because they knew I'd never go and it helps them boost their stats. But in general it did not work itself out the way I thought it would. Why would Yale EA eventually reject me where Harvard RD and Princeton RD accepted me (despite lower admissions rates)? And the Penn waitlisting?<br>
Let me know your thoughts on whether they communicate with each other.</p>

<p>To answer your initial questions:
Stats, 1560, 800, 790, 770, 770, 730, 5, 5, 4.99, 2/275, Public Competitive, NJ, Hook: Politics/Leadership
I will most likely go to Harvard, Princeton, or Duke.</p>

<p>njtennis - u have a way too simplistic way of looking at admissions. They have niches to fill, and your comment on Cornell (and elite university) just proves why Yale might have no accepted you.</p>

<p>Yale was the only college I applied to (I applied to 3 conservatories):
SAT I - 1400 SAT II - 730, 690, 650
Class Rank - Top 15%, GPA unweighted like 92.88
I got into Eastman, Peabody, and Juilliard so next year I'm going to Juilliard.</p>

<p>Accepted: Oberlin<em>, Bard</em>, Lawrence*, USC
Waitlisted: Wesleyan
Rejected: Yale, Harvard, Sarah Lawrence (!!)</p>

<li>= double degree with the attached music conservatory</li>

<p>Comments: Oberlin's my top choice now, but I'm still waiting for their financial aid offer. Bard has already offered me a practically-full scholarship covering tuition, room and board; I'm likely to take that up if I'm not satisfied with Oberlin's financial aid. USC only gave me a half-tuition scholarship, which isn't enough. If I get into Wesleyan, I would also get a full scholarship including living expenses and a monthly allowance, as I am an "alternate" for the Freeman Asian Scholars' Program.</p>

<p>Summary of stats:</p>

<p>SAT I: 690 Verbal, 800 Math
SAT II: 800 Writing, 800 Math IIc, 800 Physics (740 on first try)
ECs: active in choir, editor of yearbook
Piano: winner of national competition (Malaysia), finalist in two international competitions</p>

<li>4.0 uw, 1560, 800, 790, 790, 780</li>
<li>plain rejected</li>
<li>MIT, Columbia, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, U of Chicago, Johns Hopkins, U of Washington</li>