Yale EA

<p>hey, all, please let me know what you predict for me. Yale is absolutely my favorite school for several reasons, the most important being the residential college system and the fact that its within an hours drive of my home.</p>


<p>grades: 3.98 GPA out of 4.0+ (weighted). Im probably around the bottom of the top 10%.</p>

<p>tests: SAT I: V770 M760. SAT II: spanish 800, math IIC 740, physics 730, writing (but they only need top 3) 720. I'm taking the french w/ listening in nov.</p>

<p>aps: 10th: spanish (5). 11th: spanish lit (4), european hist (5), english lang (5)</p>

<p>classes this year: AP Stat, AP French Lang., AP French Lit, American Gov't, Middle Eastern History, AP Physics C, AP English Lit, (AP - credit but no test) Multivariable Calculus, Independent Study - Spanish TA.</p>

church - youth group & RENEW 9-12. assistant catechist 11, catechist 12.
student government 9-12, secretary 12.
relay for life planning committee 10-12
math team 9-12
photography 9-12
work at public library 9-12</p>

9- choate rosemary hall study abroad - spain
10 - phillips academy, english (5/6, but amazing write-up from yale professor), french (5/6)
11 - phillips academy, calculus (6/6) and etymology (6/6)</p>

<p>essays: one written, my english teacher loved it. 2nd not yet written, not sure if i should write about, for "most meaningful activity" a.) church communityness or b.) photography (both my parents had to leave cuba quickly, so i have almost no pictures of either one as a child, so i take lots).</p>

<p>recs: Spanish Lit teacher, dept head. this one will be great, cause she insisted i let her write it. 2nd is from my stat teacher, which i think will be good, cause shes also the Student Gov. advisor, and im getting an A+ in her class.</p>

<p>Um, i think thats all. i should probably mention that I am hispanic, which could be a bit of help, but only cuban, which isnt as big a deal as mexican or puerto rican. My guidance counselor thinks i have a chance, albeit a very small chance. what are your honest thoughts? I realize its awfully belated, but do you have any last-minute suggestions? if you have any questions, things i forgot to mention, do let me know. thanks.</p>

<p>i think u got a decent shot... the only thing thats gonna hurt u is ur lack of EXTRAORDINARY ec's...looks like u dont got too many of those...but whatever give it a shot let me know if u get in...u got like a 40% shot...if really good essay and interview and recs...like a 50% chance...which is good..think about it...50%! gl!</p>

<p>Tennis Pro, what do you mean by 'extraordinary' ECs?</p>

your test scores are solid. as an URM, you have a very good shot. best of luck!</p>

<p>now i understnad the appeal of bumpingness :-D</p>

<p>wuts an URM?</p>

<p>underrepresented minority, i believe.</p>

<p>Hey Kit, I hate to tell you, but your SAT II Writing score, even though it is not one of your top three, will be one of the three you need to send at most competitive schools. Yale, I'm sure, requires the SAT II Writing, I think all of the Ivy-League colleges require it. Still, a 720 isn't all that bad. The only problem is that Ivy-League schools look for that plethora of leadership positions which you seem to lack. Yet, Yale, like all of the top-tier schools is looking to promote diversity as well as recruiting strong leaders. Thus, I think you have a good shot at Yale, but you may end up being differed to the regular admission pool.</p>

<p>actually, wahoocavilier, im quite certain they do not require writing, only your top three. i also expect my french to bump physics off, but i probably dont want to send 2 langauges (though i do want to study language/linguistics)</p>

<p>Sorry, I jumped the gun. I just assumed that since Princeton, Harvard, and Stanford all require writing, I assumed that Yale did also. Apparently you are right Kit.</p>

<p>That last post was filled with egregious errors in syntax. Once again, let me beg forgiveness for my haste.</p>

<p>URM will definitely help you get in, Kit.
Wahoo, you are quite the wordsmith.</p>

<p>The main weakness I see is a lack of proven leadership skills. But as your guidance counselor says, like everyone else in your stat range, you do have a shot. Good luck.</p>