Yale Eli Whitney Students Program 2021

Hey! Is anyone else applying to the Eli Whitney Students Program (EWSP) this year? I thought I’d start the forum since I couldn’t find one for this year :slight_smile:

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I am applying for the EWSP this year. I wonder how the application process is going to be affected due to the pandemic.

I figure many people are not applying this year because of the changes within their school system. I’m really nervous about it!

I’ve completed the everything up to the essay portion. What are your thoughts about students who do not submit test scores?

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I don’t think waiving test scores will affect the application process! The EWSP was already test-score optional, and it would be even more lenient because they’re waiving the req for first-year applicants too.

Yeah I agree. Its just a bit frightening in my opinion when I know there are others submitting scores. Fingers crossed!

It feels like it makes the application more complete.

How is your application process going?

I am still waiting on my recommendations to be submitted.

However, I definitely feel like my application needs more depth. Especially in the resume portion because I was not involved that much in high school or college.

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Hey guys. I was accepted into the Eli Whitney program last fall(2020). I’m willing to chat if you have any questions about Yale or the Eli Whitney program. Good luck with the application process


I’m finishing up with my application! I’m still waiting for two recommendations to be submitted, and I’m polishing up my essays. Deadline is coming soon, then the anxious wait :sob:

Thank you so much!! How are you enjoying your experience at EWSP (despite the pandemic)?

So far, I love it, although I am attending remotely. This semester I’m studying Arabic and learning about pandemics in antiquity, which I think is cool, especially since we are currently in one. Lol

Yale has so much to offer, and the resources here are plentiful. More importantly, faculty and students alike are dedicated to ensuring that everyone succeeds. I love it here!


Thank you for replying. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to us!

Do you mind sharing your stats?

I know some people do not like sharing their scores, so you do not have too.

In addition, the application is due Monday the 15th and of course I am anxious!

I am waiting on one recommendation letter. I have to proof read my essay responses. Any advice?

Congratulations on getting accepted! That’s amazing!

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Thanks for offering! Would you be comfortable sharing what your interview format/conversation was like?

Also, do you know how many students were accepted in total last year? Have you been able to connect with other EW students during remote learning?

Did you apply to any other non-traditional programs, and if so, what made you choose Yale?

Thanks again!

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I am not submitting my test scores. We will see what happens.

Hey everyone, I am applying too! I won’t submit my test scores as well (international student).
Anyone knows how many students are usually admitted? It looks like there aren’t many applicants this year (or is it just me?).

Anybody know anything concrete about the time-frame of interview requests/interviews/decision? Yale’s my first choice but I don’t know how long I can hold out for them if I get a good offer from another school with an early decision date.

@guyb82 i think its usually 5-10%, but contrary to others earlier in the thread I think there may actually be more applicants than normal this year, since the Ivies are test optional and have had record setting amounts of applications. I’d expect it to be a low percent and probably the same amount of people, which I think is maybe 20 maximum?

good luck everyone! not a lot of people in this thread I hope we all get in!

Based on prior years, it looks like the interview requests were around mid-April and interviews would be from the end of April to early May. You could contact your schools and/or Yale about the situation and ask for some accommodation!

Has anyone received a confirmation email of any kind from Yale? Everything looks good on my end of the portal but I haven’t had any official communication.

Hi everyone! Glad to read this thread. I applied to the EWSP and my application is complete (they have all three recommendation letters at this point). Today I received an email explaining I could submit a recorded interview on StandOut. Not sure if it’s a suggestion or a recommendation.
Does anyone know what questions are addressed/asked in this recorded interview? Perhaps @ahunter011 knows something. Please share any tips for success. Yale and Columbia GS are my first choices. Good luck to all of us!

Is everyone invited to submit an optional interview recording through StandOut?

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The EWSP website explains that all applicants are invited to submit this recorded interview, However, it is not a requirement. That’s why I was asking here if anyone had any experience with it, what questions are asked on the StandOut app, and if it’s strongly recommended or not.

I was reading a thread from last year on here, and it seemed that many folks selected for an interview with an admissions officer didn’t submit a StandOut interview. These were regular Yale transfers though, not ESWP, curious if it would be any different for us.

It does clearly say, “If you choose not to participate, it will not negatively affect the review of your application in any way.”

My only fear is that not participating could be viewed as uninterested/enthusiastic… so I would also love to hear from anyone else with experience!

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Has anyone gotten an interview request? (Not the StandOut one)