Yale Eli Whitney Students Program 2021

Thanks for sharing your interview experience! :slight_smile: Did you ask when they will push out decisions for this year?

I was told not to expect an answer until the second week of May. So looks like they’re sticking with the Mid-May timeframe they have on their website.

Any indication if all the 60 they wanted to interview have been contacted? Meaning those who have not received a request for an interview can assume they are rejected?

Hello -

I had an interview yesterday as well. Thank you for sharing the the stats… I had a small grasp on the idea that the number of applicants accepted is not set. I had read it was variable dependent on who stands out rather than offering to fill every seat made available so I focused more on wanting to “compete” with myself rather than think about being in competition with anyone else. I also had a friend whose brother worked at Yale and passed away recently. When Yale hosted an online memorial they told my friend not to say the obvious (that he was black, queer, and brilliant). And, in my professional experience with successful people, the feedback I consistently get is that I am liked for my positivity, solutions, flexibility, and growth mindset. We are always the culmination of who we are, living it. So it can be hard, for me, to revisit the whys of myself. I am considerably more interested in the whys surrounding me :slight_smile:

That being said, knowing how fascinating each applicant with the gumption to apply must be, my heart has evolved from skipping a beat to skipping rocks. 60!

I am worried that because my interviewer reframed a few questions I wasn’t saying what she wanted to hear, but I hope that the information I did give inspired her to think that I may fill a niche she hadn’t expected.

For anyone waiting to interview, my takeaway was this: She was very kind, very professional. My essays were not traditional in the sense that I include a poem and links to projects and I felt that using a radical way to represent myself would either go over very well or I would bomb. You could it say it went fine because I was asked to interview, but once there she really offered me no insight as to how they perceived me. Kind, and professional. I was very glad to get the interview after the timed Standout answers because those left me feeling groping. My interviewer surprised me in that where I would normally ken how to respond based on their facial expressions, she was very good at not revealing any preference for my answers. There were a few times she smiled in places I was not expecting her to, like when I mentioned a project I want to get started on (that will not affect Yale).

I was very excited; hopefully my exuberance wont be mistaken as immaturity. I nodded my head “yes” so many times I thought it might disengage my body like a booster rocket in space lol. Anyone ever watch Broad City? Llana Wexler often does this thing where she says, “yes, yes, yes, yes!” … I think I was channeling her, ha!

Did anyone else who interviewed get Patricia Wei (the director)? I am curious how our experiences compare.

Thank you!


Thanks for the great reply. Was your interview based strictly on questions or information included in your application?

Could anyone else who’s completed an interview confirm if the questions are just on this, or is there opportunity to cover other topics that may have been excluded from apps?

At first she asked for clarification on some aspects of my application to be sure the information was correct. Then she asked me questions that dived a little deeper to into aspects of it. For example, if there was something generally included in your essays she might ask for something specific. From there, because I tend to be transient with blank canvasses, I offered her material to ask me questions. Example, “okay, so you are thinking about relocating to new haven then?” The questions she asked were strictly about my history and present self. As in, you did that now how will you do this? Then I had the opportunity to ask questions which she genuinely tried to answer to the best of her knowledge.

Much like the standout questions, they were general. Of course we want to dive into our interests, and I personally got thrown, for example, by a standout question what’s your favorite book and why? I had to work hard to relate all the king’s men, yes one of my favorites but not at all what was on my mind, into my interests in compassionate activism. I think I maybe don’t interview well :thinking::joy:.

The way I remember speaking to her though was, SMILE NOD SMILE NOD WORDS"
I was on cloud nine just being interviewed. It was an honor.

I received an interview and did one earlier this week… the interviewer asked a lot of specific questions regarding my background, my history and my passions. It almost felt like a quiz on the subjects I expressed I wanted to study.

Did anyone else receive an invitation to participate in a forum with current Eli Whitney students? Can’t wait for that…

Good luck to all.


First, congratulations to your guys who passed the first round! :innocent:

Could any of your guys who got an interview opportunity share your Stats with us? It will be very helpful to us who were rejected to prepare ourselves for the next year better.

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Uhh did anyone else get an email today asking them to confirm their mailing address? Is this a good sign?

Also according to this same email decisions will be come out the week of May 17th.

I don’t think it’s any indicator of good or bad. It specifically says the email was sent to everyone who had the interview

Did anyone attend the student information zoom meeting?
I can’t go to either, but was wondering how it was.

This application process seems a lot more personal than any other I’ve had.

I received email requesting confirmation of mailing address as well

I went to the session this past Sunday. It was a great experience! There were 5 EW Students acting as panelists and they pretty much spent the entire hour answering our questions. They answered questions about Student Life, Housing, Financial Aid, and things to do in New Haven.

They all had really great things to say about EW. I personally liked the anecdote they all mentioned about how Yale profs are always really excited to have EW students in their research labs/classes. I guess the program has built a reputation of having very driven/motivated students.

How’s everyone doing? I just can’t wait for the decision… :frowning: After getting waitlisted at Stanford and Brown, my anxiety level is all-time high… I hope they push out sooner than the week of May 17th

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Yesterday I took my kids to campus and rubbed our juju all over the green between the libraries. The excitement is real. It’s pinnacle because for those of us serving our whole lives, this is THE opportunity to serve ourselves, the most delicious.

I finally got to see Beck a few years ago (growing up listening to odelay) and for an entire day I told every stranger: drive thru coffee, “I AM going to have a great day, actually, I get to see Beck!” Pumping gas, “I’ll take $20 on 2, cause, you know, I’ll need to be sure I can get over to the amphitheater to see Beck and back!” Any excuse to express my joy … the magnitude of feeling right now is an ocean.

Yesterday I saw lots of families walking around with youngins and I wanted to say congratulations to all of them. “Are you also investing your hopes and dreams in this basket? We are, like, basically the same!” Hahaha. On one hand we put so much singular stock into a decision affecting our lives that ultimately we have to accept as beyond our comprehension. What I meant in my earlier post about my application and not getting specific feedback about my essays is that if someone were to ask why I was chosen for an interview, I wouldn’t be able to say because I didn’t get direct communication about what they liked. I will say this, I’ve read you can access your admissions file after you’ve been a student for a year. Most people who do choose to take a look recommend not. Personally, I’d be curious to read notes on my psyche being summed up in a few sentences by someone whose job it is to discern what I have to offer and my success at meeting them halfway. What stereotype am I? I’m sure we all want to apply again next year if we are rejected and any insight as to what worked that got us this far and what we need to improve for next year would be key.

We’ve got this little knowing in our group consciousness being on this journey at the same time. I completely understand. It’s hard but remember Christmas morning. After so many years of looking at literal piles of trash piled in front of everyone’s doors we’ve learned to buy less and better quality, reuse bags from the year before, we value the small things with the greatest meaning. So many students are ripping through life right now rushing to get on with it, feeling the hollowness when their narrow focus leaves them disappointed. WE are Eli Whitney students!! We are wise. We appreciate the ceremony of this process like we appreciate listening to music driving to look at twinkling lights. When all is said and done, we look at our lives with pride, still, because we created them. We are self made.

Oh yeah! @mavi52 did you have good news from Cornell? I’m still waiting for the decision

I’m really excited to find out if we got in! I can’t contain my excitement!! I’m trying my best to, but it’s hard when I see my life as envisioned unfolding right before my eyes. Best of luck to all. Hang in there!!!

P.s. has anyone heard from Yale?

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Waitlisted from Cornell CAS! Not the best result, but also not the worst. Surprisingly I feel more optimistic about my decision from Yale at this point. :slight_smile:


Congrats! Waitlist is just prolonging the agony but we are still in the waiting game till July :slight_smile: :sob:

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