Yale Eli Whitney Students Program 2021

Firstly, a HUGE and heartfelt congratulations to everyone in this thread who has been accepted, and to (nearly) everyone who applied and didn’t make it this year; you are amazing, worthy and courageous in this extremely selective process. When the baseline of what Yale looks for is exceptional, a rejection is not a condemnation of ability or character and there is an element of chance involved as not every bit of criteria that would guarantee acceptance is known by design.

Except you, newyorker13. After reading your RACIST comments spewing Trump-ian, alt-right, proud boy-esque rhetoric, I am absolutely THRILLED you didn’t make the cut. The only phrase you didn’t mention to complete my bingo card is "snowflake."I would go through and refute you point by point, but you are not worth it. Who are you to pass judgment on a student as unworthy when you DON’T KNOW the criteria by which they are admitted or their story but instead tear them down on the basis of skin color. Since we’re making assumptions, I bet you are white. You proudly mention William Barr as a hero. You are what’s wrong with our society. Take your privilege elsewhere.

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Hi there. Congratulations on your acceptance. Are you willing to share your stats? I’m thinking about applying next year. Thank you in advance

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“New Yorker,” with a viewpoint like that, what do you think is so special about your potential contributions to the class room? What are you going to contribute to society, or to class discussion? Narrow interpretations of isolated findings by William Barr, and that’s the be all, say all of the topic you’re discussing?

You applied. You were rejected. Deal with it. Fact is, I’d trust the person who has attempted, and failed, at community college, and then did enough so that they felt confident to apply to Yale. They have something you do not currently have: the ability to handle rejection.

I’m not going to debate the nuances of race in college admissions on this thread, or the topic of substantive justice that you throw around like a tabloid. I’d be happy to organize a panel on the topic, get on zoom, and kick your half-baked snippets about DOJ findings to the curb.

I too was at that information session, heard the man you speak of, and what I heard was someone with unlimited academic potential. You heard someone taking your seat. If you’re a “New Yorker” as you claim to be, your senses are off, dulled by privilege or a low self esteem.

I spent 2003 to 2008 failing and dropping out of classes, in both a 4-year institution and a community college. In terms of life, I’d feel confident in any room that you’re in, for my accomplishments, knowledge of self and relationship to my community. I’ve currently been admitted to some very select universities as a transfer from community college. Want to know why? Just ask, instead of jumping on here to whine. You could have asked this question directly to this man, instead of making cowardly assumptions. Go do something worthwhile with your rejection. I don’t know what “history” you’re looking at, but it’s flawed.


I’ll DM you!

Congratulations! Can I ask you about the program? I will DM you.

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Firstly, congratulations on your acceptance to Yale.

I am contemplating future decisions and wonder if you might be kind enough to DM me your stats. I appreciate any help you can provide.

@mikmikhouse @buttermilkboy55

Congrats on your acceptance to Yale. I wish to apply next year. I am also wondering if you would be kind enough to DM your stats too. Thanks in advance.

Thank you for creating this forum and congrats to everyone who got accepted. I wish to apply next year and was wondering if anyone could share last year’s essay prompts for the EWSP?