Yale Fan Chooses Harvard

<p>File under "curiosities":</p>

<p>Yale</a> Fan Chooses Harvard | FlyByBlog | Harvard Life. To Go. | The Harvard Crimson</p>

<p>Got into HY and P. You gotta believe the giggles his name elicited late at night among bleary-eyed admissions officers helped his case a little bit.</p>

<p>Yes...I saw this article. I can't help but think that his name is more "intentional" than he makes it seem in the article. I mean, how could his parents name him "Yale Fan" and not be thinking of the college?
talk about the ultimate hook.</p>

<p>Lol his case didn't need any helping, though I'm sure there were giggles. I've heard of him before and he's won a load of science awards.</p>

<p>That's pretty amusing.</p>

<p>Haha, I'm not sure if it's the ultimate "hook" per say (imagine writing an essay about the origin of his name...wait, darnit I think that actually sounds like a good idea!) but that is freaking hilarious! But I'm sure if I were him I'd get annoyed of the jokes after four years as well- unless they were purely original!</p>

<p>fyi, this kid also got into MIT. I saw his name on the MIT admitted students profiles (I got in too). Apparently, he is Chinese, and his name was Chinese translated to English. In Chinese it would've sounded something like fawn, yay-luh (last name, first name)</p>

<p>^ The article says the "al" in "Yale" was added extraneously, i.e., his Chinese name is probably Fan Ye. (And, at least in Mandarin, the pronunciation of Fan sounds much closer to "fan" than it does to "fawn." :p)</p>

<p>No way his parents weren't thinking of Yale when they "Americanized" his first name...</p>

<p>They were. And with good reason, because he is a beast. Davidson Fellow $50,000 Scholarship award his freshman year for quantum computing achievements in robotics? Holy fu<em>king </em>*, what have I been doing with my time?</p>

<p>^Video games and cheese puffs.</p>

<p>This person is a great influence for all of us. I wish one day to be in his place.Congrats to him!</p>

<p>When I saw his name my mind I thought the same thing with others.Even if he do not go to Yale he will do great things.</p>