Yale likely rescinded?

<p>Hi all</p>

<p>I recieved a likely letter to Yale, however my first semester senior grades have been less than stellar.</p>

<p>My yearly GPAs have been as follows:</p>

<p>9th: 3.6
10th: ~4.0
11th: ~4.1
12th first semester: ~3.7</p>

<p>I'm really worried that these grades will get me rescinded, and I was wondering what you guys thought/do you know anyone whos had a likely letter rescinded?</p>

<p>No. Stop worrying.</p>

<p>No felonies, no Fs? No worry. </p>

<p>I I think schools usually give out likely letters after they’ve already received your first semester grades. Either way, you’ve already majorly impressed them if they decide to give you a letter – one semester in senior year is not going to wipe out 4+ years of work.
Don’t do anything illegal, don’t fail and you should be fine</p>

<p>@mojo377: I’m not sure that Yale will have necessarily already seen her first quarter grades, unless they were included on her transcript (they weren’t on mine, and I was still sent a likely letter).
Just follow what the letter says: maintain your grades. As long as you don’t drop dramatically, you should be fine.</p>

<p>i’ve read that a drop from As to Bs won’t even get their attention, Cs will get their attention but they only send out a warning, and anything below that can get pretty serious, but you look totally fine. don’t worry :)</p>

<p>It’s only February, and you still have lots of second semester left. I agree that you will not be rescinded for a minor drop, but you also need to keep working at your previous level. We see so many posts in April and May from students who have dug themselves into a deep academic hole that it is too late to fix.</p>

<p>I’m not sure getting a likely letter without an offer is the same as an admission and rescission at year end. Students do fail to get admitted after likely letters but it is unusual. My guess is this mostly occurs for suspension level offenses like academic dishonesty. As another poster said, you have plenty of time to bring up your grades.</p>

<p>I heard the people who don’t get the Stanford likely letter after the yale likely letter end up getting rejected from Yale… </p>

<p>But don’t count on what I say, i am just a lonley kid who likes doing math and science problems for fun </p>

<p>@alanzhangdotprod: are you saying people who recieve both the Stanford and Yale Likely Letters seem to be getting eventually rejected by Yale at a high rate? Impossible. No college rejects recipients of Likely Letters except for the most extreme circumstances (such as what @YaleGradandDad cited above)</p>

<p>Or are you implying that people who get a Stanford LL seem to be rejected by Yale in the RD round? If so, then the sample pool you’re referring to is so small that it’s impossible to draw ANY meaningful conclusions or patterns.</p>



<p>Sounds like an extremely a silly expectation and a rare occurrence if it even happens that one person gets both unless they are for him/her as an athlete which usually is never the case.</p>

<p>It’s satire lol u people take everything seriously </p>

<p>Haha, don’t worry about it.</p>

<p>how’s your gpa calculated? schools in my area count AP and sophmore or higher level college classes as 5s and regular/honors/freshman-college-level classes as 4s.</p>