Yale NUS

Is anyone applying to Yale NUS this year?
Also, can any admitted student get in touch with me. I’m so stressed about my apps and Yale NUS has been my dream college for so long now.


I did not apply to Yale-NUS, but a quick google search finds that their Admissions website is hosting a variety of virtual events for students to learn more about the school and application process (scroll down to the bottom of the page:) https://admissions.yale-nus.edu.sg/why-yale-nus/

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!

i’m applying to Yale-NUS this year from a city school in the US, Round 1 deadline January 15th i believe, i know a good handful of people who are sophomores and juniors currently in there and their personal insight into the school has been pretty revealing if i do say so myself…i don’t want to drop names but make a LinkedIn and start networking and reach out to them! i’m sure they’ll bemore than happy to talk !