Yale or Princeton for Law School?

<p>WHich School, Yale or Princeton, has a better economics department? How about Political Sceince?
I guess what im trying to ask is...Which school would a Law School admissions officer rather see on an application?<br>
(I want to go into Corperate Law)</p>

<p>they're about the same. HYPS and some of the middle ivies (Columbia for example) all have about the same placement. Statistically, Yale has a higher placement into the elite professional schools (according to WSJ)</p>

<p>They are the EXACT same. Are you kidding me!!!!!!????????????</p>

<p>Where would you rather spend four years? </p>

<p>I cannot believe some people on CC.</p>

<p>i can't believe the person who wants to go into corporate law at yale or princeton misspelled the word "corporate"</p>

<p>haha for real. i'd think you'd want to go to yale law school, so go to princeton undergrad. there.</p>

<p>"i'd think you'd want to go to yale law school, so go to princeton undergrad."</p>

<p>or if i'm not mistaken, there's a better chance to get into yale law school (#1 according to US News) if you went to yale for undergrad... well maybe not better chance, but yale is more represented than the other schools at yale law.</p>

<p>princeton has the best economics department out of all the ivies
it is also the best school for undergrad poliscience</p>

<p>ah, well if you want to stay in the same place for 7 years, go with yale, then, in light of kfc's post.</p>

<p>If you honestly believe that any law school in the nation would look more favorably upon a Princeton applicant than a Yale one or vice versa, you are sorely mistaken. Princeton has the stronger Economics department and if I'm not mistaken, Yale has a stronger Political Science department. However, when I say stronger I mean that if Princeton is ranked at #1 for Economics, Yale is #3. The differences are marginal and you should really just pick which you like better.<br>
I would personally prefer Princeton since I would love to go to Yale Law and am not particularly keen on staying in the same place for seven years.</p>

<p>i dont understand the whole... "elite grad" school thing... either school would be fine.. i mean.. if u went to princeton and got a 3.96 vs. if u went to yale and got a 3.96 and u scored some amazing number on the LSAT... it realy doesnt matter where you go, YALE or PRINCETON... same deal.</p>

<p>but i do agree if u wanna go to yale for grad school then go to princeton so u dont end up in the same place for 7 years</p>

<p>as for better chance to get in to yale law school? come on... ur already going to princeton.. i dont htink u get get any better than princeton/yale/harvardish for undergrad... ur already elite just pick one do well and quit worrying</p>

<p>Diversify your schools.</p>

<p>And just for reference, Princeton doesn't have a law school.</p>