Yale or Princeton?

<p>Do I have a good shot at Yale or Princeton? If not, what should I do over the summer and next school year to help myself out? My low class rank is primarily due to the non quality point middle school classes that were counted in the GPA. When the official high school only GPA rank is announced, I am expecting either 1st or 2nd.</p>

<p>I have gained some insight from the other threads on this forum that I might want to get some "hooks" to impress the admissions people. Any ideas or suggestions on what "hook" I could work towards? I've considered the State Science Fair or the Siemen's Science Fair but I'm not sure if they are too common.</p>

<p>Ethnicity: Asian Male (ouch, I know)
Weighted GPA: 4.848
Unweighted GPA: 4.0
Class Rank: 6 out of 500+ (but expected to increase)</p>

<p>SAT 1: 2320 (will work on this)
SAT 2: Math II - 800, Chemistry - 800, Biology - 780
Taking Biology again in October, also Physics and US History.</p>

<p>Taking IB HL Biology, HL Math, HL History, SL Chemistry</p>

<p>AP Computer Science AB - 5
AP Statistics - 5
AP US History - 5</p>

<p>Taken but haven't received scores (I think I did well)
AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Calc BC, AP English Lang, AP Art History, AP Macro/Micro</p>

<p>Next year, plans to take
AP Psychology
AP Environmental Science
AP Physics B (self study)
AP Music Theory (self study) </p>

<p>Mu Alpha Theta (Math Club)
Treasurer (10)
Vice President (11)
President (12)
Can write a really good essay about this
Extensive Math Competitions
Over 30 Trophies (including several 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Places in Florida)
Good AMC score, decent AIME score
Out of state math competitions, part of Florida All-Star Math Team</p>

<p>Florida Student Association of Mathematics
Technology Coordinator (10)
Region Coordinator (11)</p>

<p>Library Youth Volunteers
Secretary (11)
President (12)
Very active, also on Friends of Library advisory board... good political experience</p>

<p>Academic Team
District Winners
State Champions
Top of Ratings for Math/Science
County All Star Team (9, 10, 11)</p>

<p>Department of Energy Science Bowl State 3rd Place
Chemathon Individaul 4th Place, Team 1st Place
National Honor Society
Spanish Honor Society
Debate Club Treasurer (10)</p>

<p>Piano Competitions
1st (2010), 3rd (2008) Place Emeric Lazar Competition
1st (2010), 3rd (2009) Place Erman Coleman Competition
2nd (2010), 3rd (2008) Chopin Competition, Best Interpretation (2010)
Florida Association of Music Teachers Level 12 (Highest) Full Honors
Played Piano for over 10 years </p>

<p>Tennis Camp
School's Ping Pong team </p>

<p>Summer Young Scholar's Research Program at FSU</p>

<p>He may not be able to get into these two schools, as Asian male with an interest in math, science, and piano should be fairly common, though most do not have his level of accomplishments.</p>

Any ideas or suggestions on what "hook" I could work towards? I've considered the State Science Fair or the Siemen's Science Fair but I'm not sure if they are too common.


<p>At this point, there's really nothing more you can do other than to complete a good essay and put effort into your application. Enjoy the FSU research program, hopefully you'll have fun, and perhaps submit your project to Siemens in the fall. Besides that, most other science fairs and symposiums happen too late in the fall of senior year to matter for admission purposes, though of course, you should still participate, as they are great experiences. I've seen people with more impressive achievements waitlisted or rejected at P and Y, but overall, you should have a good chance.</p>

<p>First of all, no one can accurately gauge someone's chances knowing so very few things about that person. And secondly, there are people out there who have amazing academic accomplishments, even if you don't happen to know them personally.</p>

<p>I've been spending a lot of time on College Confidential lately, especially on the Yale and Princeton boards. I've seen lots of people make posts about "What are my chances" and I was hoping to do the same. </p>

<p>To HazelCapri, I'm excited about the FSU summer program. I want to do something in Neuroscience because I want to be a Bio or Chemistry researcher for a profession.</p>

<p>You know, putting that you're from Florida makes it easy to guess who you are.</p>

<p>Your test scores are awesome! Your SAT IIs are especially good. I would say that your ECs are cliche but really whose ECs aren't? You seem well-rounded with your tennis and piano, and you have tons of Academic Competitions. The only thing I'm seeing is that there is no theme. We get that you're good at academics from your competitions but there's no focus...that's something that I'm also struggling with. (Sorry, looking over it I suppose I'm seeing some math....but I you do have some random stuff in there that doesn't fit with that). </p>

<p>Tbh, the reason I chanced you was that P and Y are my dream schools as well, especially P. Good luck with your endeavors!! And be careful with your AP Music Theory S-S....I hear that's rough.</p>

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