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<p>This is a repost from the Yale thread-- someone suggested I post it here:</p>

<p>I just received the ol' nod from the Yale School of Public Health. Naturally, I'm drawn to Yale by it's interdisciplinary opportunities, status as a primo venue for highly regarded speakers/events, and, admittedly shallowly, it's prestigious label. But, I am curious as to the thoughts of those enrolled in classes within this school (or the school itself). Any thoughts (does the risen tide of Yale's endowment float the public health school's boats too? are the professors intelligent and engaging? what's the social scene in the grad school like?) would be much appreciated!</p>

<p>Specifically, I'm considering Yale, UW, Cal, and Harvard, if anyone has any advice directly comparing or just about those schools in general.</p>



<p>If you applied to Harvard's school of public health as well, I assume you're aware that it's the #2 school of public health in the nation (tied with UNC-Chapel Hill and just below Johns Hopkins) and that the people doing research there are phenomenal. Harvard will really open doors both inside and outside of public health, if you decide to take your MPH (or PhD) and do work in another sector. Yale's school of public health is good too, but not as well-reputed as Harvard's.</p>

<p>That's a good point. But the way I see it: the USNWR Public Health rankings are all based on surveys assessing reputation. Yale, with the smallest class sizes among top PH schools, doesn't have a chance to get it's name out there as much as the larger schools... very few PH professionals have a Yale degree, ergo, even if they have great training/ perform ueber well, Yale's name will only be on the mind of a small number of survey-takers (like in chemistry, when ions displace others by sheer, overwhelming presence, regardless of strength). From what I've read, Yale actually receives the most NIH funding (I think it's NIH) of any public health school out there... which usually counts for something in rankings, but isn't mentioned as PH criterium.</p>

<p>But I'm not trying to defend Yale (yet, anyways, haha), I'm just curious if anyone has any personal experience. Thanks for your reply Juillet! It sounds like you have some experience in public health (?) ; I'd love to hear about it if you do-- and if you have some time to spare.</p>

<p>Hi, I also just got accepted into Yale's MPH program. I also got into GWU and BU. My program is Health Policy and Global Health. I'm also trying to find out information to help me in the decision-making process...if anyone has any thoughts on the quality of the health policy program at Yale, particularly regarding international health policy opportunities, that'd be awesome. I noticed most of the HPA profs don't have a lot of GH experience, but I feel like most HPA classes can be applied to a global setting...thoughts? Yale, BU or GWU?</p>

<p>Congrats limetree! Maybe I'll see you there?</p>


<p>Thank you sooo much for this post!!
I have been troubled by this "Yale or No Yale" question for a while and I actually consulted a professor at Emory regarding this school ranking issue. He was honest enough to tell me that the university's overall fame is very important as well, but he couldn't tell me whether i should choose Yale or not (between UMichigan, Emory, etc) ......I am trying to reach a friend's friend who's studying at Yale, hopefully ill get in touch with her soon and get some feedback!</p>


<p>I have a similar decision to make, and have no idea how to decide! </p>

<p>I was accepted into the MPH program at Yale's school of public health for social and behavioral sciences. I was also just accepted into Harvard's Masters of Science in public health (into the department of society, human development and health). </p>

<p>First, I have no idea what Boston is like for graduate students! Is it fun? Is there school support, or is it hard to make friends in the program? </p>

<p>Second, I am not sure which degree (masters of public health or masters of science in public health) is best for me. I have not decided yet whether I want to get a PhD in public health or go onto medical school. </p>

<p>Any advice or feedback would be GREATLY appreciated!</p>

<p>Another responder on this website posted a list of what that person considers to be the top 10 public health schools:</p>

<li>Johns Hopkins</li>
<li>Harvard & UNC</li>
<li>Univ. of Washington</li>
<li>Berkeley & UCLA</li>

<p>Note that Yale is not on this list. Another factor is that it is very small, which you might think could be positive because it means more faculty involvement with students. However, the reality is that because they do have a small faculty, you are very limited in the choices of courses and faculty to work with. And a number of faculty have joint appointments with the medical school, to which they devote more of their interest. I also heard that some core courses like biostatistics have not been well taught in the past. So I would not recommend it over the other schools on this top 10 list.</p>

<p>Congrats guys! If you don't mind me asking, what are some general ballpark stats for the typical applicant who gets accepted into these public health schools?
I'm currently in undergrad and am seriously considering public health in my future. Unfortunately, I got off on a rather bad academic footing this semester. So any information regarding scores/gpa would help so much! Thank you!</p>

<p>Congratulations everyone! Kind of going off of the previous post, I'm also an undergrad interested in public health (but my school has no degree for it) and I was wondering what you all majored/minored in?</p>

<p>Old thread, but I'm also interested in what a successful applicant looks like for a MPH program!</p>

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