Yale Secret Societies

<p>An interesting piece on the secret societies at Yale:</p>

<p><a href="http://www.yalealumnimagazine.com/issues/current/old_yale.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.yalealumnimagazine.com/issues/current/old_yale.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Don't know if any one watches the show the Gilmore Girls but the daughter in the show attends Yale and they have a plot line about her and Yale's secret societies under way.</p>

<p>Hi Carolyn,
I was thinking that when I saw the post. The episode is comming on tomorrow night :)</p>

<p>And then there is the other Bones "episode" tomorrow night...</p>

<p>Sybbie - I hope the episode doesn't get cancelled by the election returns. My daughter and I have a whole Gilmore Girls evening every Tuesday night - it's one of our favorite shows and fun to watch together (with popcorn, of course)</p>

<p>Frankly, I think I'd rather watch Gilmore Girls then the election returns tommorrow.</p>

<p>A little off-topic, but for those of you who watch Gilmore Girls (and I'm a fan), another WB show, Everwood, features high school seniors applying to colleges. The main character is a talented pianist whose dad wants him to go to Julliard (dad is aghast at the idea of a safety school and embarrasses his son on a visit to said school), his GF is applying to all of these top 10 colleges but is disappointing her dad by not applying to Princeton (too far from Julliard), and the GF's older brother, a recent HS graduate, isn't going to college at all and is having far too much fun just hanging out. Both of the fathers are doctors and are very involved' with the whole process. The show seems to capture the reality of the stress for high school students trying to find their way in life.</p>

<p>Carolyn, same tradition with my daughter! Only problem is she is now in love with Yale but will never have the grades!</p>

<p>So you just can't get away from the application process. i just can't beleive that someone is getting paid to be aghast at the idea of a safety school. Look at how many parents are doing it for free!</p>

<p>I too am a Gilmore Girls fan , and I felt Roy's paid when she got back a paper with a "C" but like you Carolyn, I will be watching as it is going to be a long night for the elections</p>

<p>when do these shows air?</p>

<p>My D and I love Everwood. It has replaced Gilmore Girls in our 1 TV show together a week. Everwood is on the WB ( I think) Monday nights at 9 pacific time.</p>

<p>Everwood is also on at 9 p.m. est on the WB right ater 7th Heaven</p>

<p>Gilmore Girls are on Tuesday night at 8 p.m on the WB</p>

<p>We've also watched Everwood but it hasn't caught my daughter's eye as much as Gilmore Girls. It's the one night of the week when I can count on her to rush home and get her homework out of the way before 8 p.m. just so she can watch GG. What I personally like about GG are the great and snappy conversations between the characters - and all the little side comments related to literature, films, etc. It really is one of the most intelligent and fun shows on TV.</p>

<p>what do secret societies do? are they just a club? why are they special?</p>

<p>I like "Everwood," but Amy's quandary over Princeton is just a little far-fetched. Let's see: She had an emotional and academic meltdown after her boyfriend died, and got godawful grades (including D's and F's, I believe) her junior year. Her SATs are 1400, and now her new boyfriend forged a hokey essay and sent off the application to Princeton in her name. Will she get in? Hmmm--I wonder. (Princeton adcoms are probably thrilled with this plot development: The evidence may be anecdotal, but it does seem as if applications zoomed at NYU and Yale after two other WB shows, "Felicity" and "The Gilmore Girls," sent their heroines there.)</p>

<p>At least Rory Gilmore was obviously a brilliant student, and the episode in which she was admitted to HY and P--while her rival, a nasty extreme legacy at Harvard, was rejected there--was wonderful. This season has been pretty lame so far (it seems to me the main reason for her to be fooling around with her old high school boyfriend is to give her a reason to keep running home to mom), but the secret society plot line does look more interesting. </p>

<p>Meanwhile, I highly recommend still another WB show, "Jack and Bobby" (Wednesday nights at 9 EST), about two teenage brothers--one of whom will grow up to be President--and their single mom, a college professor played by the terrific actress Christine Lahti.</p>

<p>Well, the idea that Princeton is too far from Juilliard may be the silliest part. There are loads of kids on campus with bf's/gf's in NYC.</p>