Yale Undergrad Programs/Opportunities for Those Interested in Business?

Hi! I’m a senior in high school, currently revising my college list last minute since my deferral from my ED. I was looking into Yale and was wondering if Yale had any particular opportunities or classes catered to those who are interested in business. And when I say business, I mean more like marketing & entrepreneurship than econ;) I’m also looking at WashU, which has amazing opportunities for those interested in business like me, but I just wanted to get some insights on how students interested in business at Yale usually go about building their business skills and such. I know there are many other great schools with great business programs, but I guess I’m just interested in whether Yale can also be an option for me. Thank you so so much in advance!:grin:

Yale College isn’t Wharton. That said, Econ is the #1 undergrad major most years, and a huge number of econ majors go in to finance, start-ups and consulting. Econ tends to be highly rigorous with a strong emphasis on quantitative methods and theory. Undergrads (with the permission of the Prof required) have access to the broader range of graduate business classes offered by Yale SOM. When not impacted by a pandemic, Yale has great resources to help arrange summer internships at top corps, investment firms and Government agencies world wide.