Yale vs Duke vs UCLA vs Wisconsin-Madison

<p>I am planning to enter a PhD program in statistics, and narrow down to these four universities. Can anyone help me to compare these schools if I want to have a job in industry or economics later.
Thank you!</p>

<p>Your post is confusing -- you're currently in college and considering PhD programs, or you're HS and want to do PhD after you graduate college?</p>

<p>Sorry if I'm being thick.</p>

<p>General rule -- The order in which you've listed the schools is probably matches the order of their reputation. All other things being equal undergraduate-- Yale > Duke > UCLA > Wisc. Mad.</p>

<p>For graduate departments in statistics -- talk to your faculty advisor as far as reputation -- No idea whether any of these has something really special.</p>

<p>Now I narrow down to Duke and Yale. Duke has a very strong program in statistics and mainly research on Bayesian Analysis. Yale has a very good reputation internationally. However the program at Yale is not very strong ranking 30. I do not plan to have a job in academic area after finishing PhD. So I am confused whether I should choose a school with higher reputation or a stronger program. Which is more helpful to me.</p>

<p>At the graduate level, the stronger program matters more than the stronger school. At the undergraduate level, it is the overall prestige that is more important. Duke is unrivaled in its preeminence in the area of Bayesian Analysis among others.</p>