Yale Young Global Scholars 2021

Just wanted to create a thread for all prospective 2021 students. Good luck on your YYGS applications!

This program is fairly expensive - is it worth the money?

It’s indeed relatively expensive compared given it’s only two weeks. I’m pretty sure they offer financial aid to both domestic and international students. Many people told me it’s worth applying to.

Hey! I applied EA! My first choice is SGC and second is IST for session 1,2. What was your first choice?

What kinds of other programs are people applying here also applying to???

Did you get in with EA?

I got deferred. Assuming it’s because I asked for financial aid tho i am not a low income student. crossing fingers to get accepted in a few months!

I applied RD for PLE, and I’ve also applied for Stanford Humanities Institute. I’m still struggling to choose between these two programs–on the condition that I’m accepted, of course. I would really love to know some experience from YYGS connect last year since online experience is definitely different from offline.

this thread is dead compared to last year…im surprised.

Probably because it’s virtual and there’s not much anticipation to getting to know peers.

Does anyone know what time decisions come out (EST)?

Decisions should be coming out at 11:59 EST on march 5th!

How’re everybody’s results? I got waitlisted for PLE :frowning: