Yale's Nude Parties

<p>I've heard of Yale's infamous nude parties and I'm curious to learn more. Are they common? Well-attended? Akward? Invite-only? 95% Male? </p>

<p>Just curious... :D</p>

<p>from wat i heard..mostly ugly naked ppl. lol</p>

<p>if you're a freshman, you can forget about going. period. nude parties are part of the senior/society culture and not readily available to underclassmen. they are not sexual experiences in the least, in fact, they are far less sexual than the average party. many naked parties are put on by the pundits and such senior organizations.</p>

<p>i guess they're could be ****ty naked parties for frosh, but they would probably just be some idiocy for those who should've gone to their local state school</p>

<p>That's depressing. This was the one reason I was considering Yale over Harvard..... ;)</p>