Yankees pay homage to VaTech victims

<p>This was very classy on the part of the Yankees (and even George Steinbrenner)
Yankees</a> pay homage to Va. Tech victims - Yahoo! News</p>

"A young lady came up to me and said her brother was one of the children killed, and her mother thanks us for being here," Girardi said. "That really hit me hard."</p>


<p>Rodriguez said starting out at the on-campus memorial was powerful.</p>

<p>"There are certain things that happen that are so devastating that time stops," he said, comparing the shootings to the terrorists attacks in 2001. "For me, this is one of them. This is probably the proudest day I've ever (had) to wear a Yankee uniform."</p>

<p>Hearing that, Hokies coach Pete Hughes said, "knocks you on your heels."</p>


<p>Jeter posed for a picture with a woman in front of the stone that memorialized her fiance. His only request to her was that she smile, which she did.


<p>I cried like a baby when I read this. The picture on the back page of the Post is beautiful.</p>

<p>I agree--very classy and a touching demonstration of humanity--what people truly need after seeing such darkness---hope it helps the healing for all who experienced the tragedy.</p>

<p>Die-hard Red Sox fan here--I was ready to be critical, but I have to admit in this instance, the Yankees don't suck. It was a very positive gesture by the Yankee organization, including the donation.</p>

<p>I'm really not a Yankees fan at all, but what a class thing for the organization to do. They definitely get props for this one.</p>