<p>I couldn't help but feel compelled to post the first message in the Vanderbilt folder. Nerdy, I know. Anyway, I'm Guinevere, the poster formerly known as Bigwordsarefun. I didn't post that often under Bigwords, but I'll probably be around here more as the admissions season gets into full swing. </p>

<p>Vanderbilt is currently my #1 choice, primarily due to a) the fact that it seems to be a match for me (hope I'm not wrong about that), b) its solid academic reputation, and c) its location. The only thing regarding Vanderbilt that I'm hesitant about is the perception that it's a preppy school with pampered rich kids and obnoxious frat boys. Can any of you dispel that? </p>

<p>Also, as far as you guys have seen, how is the merit aid situation at Vanderbilt? Do you personally know people who've received a nice chunk of merit aid money? I know of EvilRobot's story, but my stats unfortunately aren't quite on the same level. I mean, they're not horrible, but they're not that good.</p>

<p>Well, thanks for any help you can give, guys. Hope everyone's enjoying the new forum setup.</p>

<p>No, I really can't dispel Vandy's preppy stereotype. This stereotype, like all others, while not fair, has some basis of reality. There are pampered rich kids and obnoxious frat boys. They are indeed numerous and can be at time pervasive. If you aren't that type of person, unless you find people with your type of personality (which will most certainly will. Vandy does have other types of people), you'll most likely be miserable here. Again, they are plenty of other types of people here, so don't worry about preppies too much.</p>

<p>No, I really don't many people on huge merit awards. Most people I know are on financial aid. There are also people from familes that can actually afford tutition without batting an eye. I'm digressing though...</p>

<p>I know several people at Vandy on enormously generous need-aid, and a couple on large merit scholarships. Those are mostly, but not all, musicians at Blair-- I don't know how much difference that makes. Good luck. I'm applying to Blair.</p>