<p>I'm not sure how to describe how bad this video is, but it pains me nonetheless. I'm saddened to know some of the people in this video, heh.</p>

<p>(Rush 2011)
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<p>On a side note, the video has >40,000 views in around 5 hours. Wow.</p>

<p>The thing I noticed was how pretty all of those girls are. Makes up for whatever they lack as performers.</p>

<p>Ouch... that was painful to listen to. You think with all the sorority girls on campus they could find a few who have voices better than Rebecca Black's. Still, at least they're enthusiastic, I think...</p>

<p>lol, that video proves the world was made for those who lack self awareness. </p>

<p>Being hot doesn't hurt either :-)</p>

<p>Gotta give 'em A for effort. I loved to see how much fun they seemed to be having! They seemingly were unconcerned what viewers think about their singing ability.</p>

<p>I say yay!!!!! Yay for the fact that those young ladies had enough confidence to do this with total disregard for ability! Says a lot for the kind of women that participate in the Greek system!!! Yes....NJ...pretty on the eyes helps !</p>

<p>ummmm... okay. At least they did something instead of nothing but other than that seems a bit sad.</p>

<p>My DS text me this morning to give me a link to the video! I think it's about to get ALOT of exposure on campus!</p>

<p>I just checked back, and the video has 230,000 views. I guess it "went viral".</p>

<p>Oh, and Deadspin has their (snarky as usual) take:</p>

<p>Alabama</a> Sorority Girl Rap Is One Of Those Videos That Thinks It Is A Parody But Is Actually Just Really Embarrassing</p>

<p>"On our viral video scale, we give it a 2.0. That'll be a welcome GPA boost for most 'Bama students."</p>

<p>who ever said bad publicity is better than no publicity at all? :(</p>

<p>According to some friends on Facebook, Anderson Cooper just showed the video on his show.This is getting out of hand.</p>

<p>This too shall pass and hopefully, those involved will have learned something and not detracted too much from good things that go on.</p>

According to some friends on Facebook, Anderson Cooper just showed the video on his show.This is getting out of hand.


<p>Yes, it was featured in his "Ridiculist" this evening.</p>

<p>OK, finally watched this, and I guess I don't see what the fuss is about. Sure, it's amateurish and a bit silly, but it's also really cute and sweet. What comes across to me is the girls' likability. They don't fit the stereotype of snooty sorority girls. Far from it. And the one with the red baseball cap can actually sing.</p>

<p>I bet it's gone viral at least partly because it's cute, sweet, and appealing. Not to mention that the girls are pretty and wholesome-looking. I bet most viewers can see past the embarrassing silliness ("white girls can't rap") to the girls' fetching sincerity and sweetness.</p>

<p>Just my two cents' worth. But, then, I'm seeing it as an old fogeyess and as a mom.</p>

<p>Yay Diane!!!! You said what I have been sitting here "simmering" to say. I think the criticism of this needs to die! All Panhellenic was trying to do was a cute, motivational video to kick off convocation. It was approved by "the powers that be" at Greek Life and The University! Never did they intend for it to get the media attention and criticism that has occurred. I too know several of the girls in the I embarrassed no!!! I am proud that they stepped up to the plate, put their inhibitions aside and felt that they are so proud of the Greek System that they are a part of that they wanted to share that enthusiasm with others.</p>

<p>The video is featured on the main page of CNN . com. With a piece by Anderson Cooper slapping down the people who are criticizing the video.</p>

<p>It's gone viral in a big way!</p>

<p>Thanks, Ahpimommy. Actually, I'll go farther. I should not have described the video as "embarrassing" and "amateurish." I think I was intimidated by the other comments and cowed by the title "most embarrassing vid ever." I was afraid of looking dumb, unsophisticated, not sufficiently jaded / cynical, etc., so I hedged my bets with a few negative caveats. But, in reality, I didn't find the video "embarrassing" at all. I kept waiting for the embarrassing stuff, and it never came. </p>

<p>I think a more appropriate term would be "endearing," not "embarrassing." I found the video endearing. And far from being "amateurish," it had pretty darned good production values for a student production, IMHO. </p>

<p>As you say, this was not intended for a mass audience, nor does it pretend to be professional entertainment. It is what it is: a cute little recruitment video put together by college kids. And I do think it succeeds on those terms. </p>

<p>I wonder whether some of the negative comments (NOT on this board but in the media, etc.) might arise from jealousy. It's like when Maureen Dowd takes a potshot at Sarah Palin (and no, I'm not a huge Palin fan; just sayin'). Sometimes I wonder whether Dowd et al. (Rachel Maddow, Katie Couric) are just jealous because they don't look a fraction as good as Palin.</p>

<p>I bet any red-blooded guy viewing that video is just thinking, "Wow, they're cute."</p>

<p>And as for the rap what? Everybody raps on YouTube. Even babies. Rap went multicultural and multi-generational a long time ago. </p>

<p>Anyhoo...I'd better get back to work, but I just thought I'd add this....</p>

<p>, buzymom, you can say that again. </p>

<p>Update: Just watched Cooper. What a snarky, pompous, self-important jerk. I'd like to wipe that sarcastic smirk off his smug, ugly face. </p>

<p>Man, I loathe the MSM.</p>