Year End Grades

<p>So I've seen a lot of concern about year end grades from those attending Yale next year and all of those people had year end grades much higher than mine. I'm not sure if when reviewing final transcripts they are only concerned with final grades or with the specific last semester grades. Well I thought I'd put mine out there just to ease myself a little so any feedback would be appreciated. </p>

First Semester: A+
Second Semester: A+
Final Grade: A+</p>

<p>Global Issues
First Semester: A
Second Semester: A+
Final Grade: A</p>

<p>AP World History
First Semester: A-
Second Semester: A-
Final Grade: A-</p>

<p>AP Literature
First Semester: B
Second Semester: B-
Final Grade: B-</p>

<p>Honors Physics
First Semester: B+
Second Semester: C+
Final Grade: B</p>

<p>AP Statistics
First Semester: A
Second Semester: C+
Final Grade: B</p>

<p>You're fine. Relax</p>

<p>I think if your ceramics grade slipped you would've been in trouble, but besides that you're good.</p>

<p>you're probably right. I can't imagine it would look very good for an internationally renowned ceramicist to have his grades slip in that class.</p>

<p>i don't think you should worry about it. But how did you get in and end up with two C+s? most students who get in are incapable of getting Cs in high school. Of course... there are explanations (very challenging hs, problems this semester, recruited with below average grades, etc...). If this is abnormal for you, they might wonder.</p>

<p>This semester was difficult for many reasons, both personal as well as the typical senioritis. I never like physics and second semester it just fell through. And no I'm not recruited though my junior year pre cal grade was consistently B-/C+</p>